Album - The Great American Bar Scene - Zach Bryan

Zach Bryan's New Album 2024 - ‘The Great American Bar Scene’: Release Date and Tracklist

January 2, 2024 1:20 pm GMT
Last Edited June 21, 2024 10:01 am GMT

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Release Date: July 4th, 2024

Title: The Great American Bar Scene

Expected Tracklist:

  • ‘Pink Skies (Eulogy)
  • ‘The Great American Bar Scene’
  • ‘Purple Gas’ (ft. Noeline Hofmann)
  • ‘Sandpaper’
  • ‘God is a Funny Man‘
  • (Untitled) with John Mayer
  • ‘Out in the Boons’
  • ‘Memphis, The Blues’ with John Moreland
  • ‘Better Days’
  • ‘Like Ida’
  • ‘28’
  • ‘Oak Island’

When it comes to modern album rollouts, artists seem to be almost unanimously eschewing the traditional, single-by-single release strategy in favour of showering listeners with a virtually endless stream of new songs, snippets and teasers.

The figurehead of this wave of artists striving for both quantity and quality is Zach Bryan, who sometimes seems to tease a new unreleased song every single day.

As a result, it's perhaps unsurprising - yet nonetheless exciting - that Zach Bryan has already announced the follow-up to his widely lauded 2023 self-titled album, The Great American Bar Scene. Zach has confirmed that, after a series of special previews taking place across 23 bars in the US, ahead of a July 4th release date.

Zach has dropped two stellar singles so far from The Great American Bar Scene, ‘Pink Skies’ - which originally went viral under the speculative title, ’Eulogy’, via TikTok - and ‘Purple Gas’ alongside alt-country up-and-comer, Noeline Hofmann. Hofmann was a previous guest on his much-loved Belting Broncos video series.

In a post on X, Zach Bryan revealed he has a song called ‘The Great American Bar Scene’ on the record, with this revealed to be the title-track for the keenly awaited project in April. In January, he uploaded a snippet of another original called ‘Sandpaper’, which left fans immediately clamouring for the love-struck song to be made available.

Zach has uploaded two much-loved unreleased tracks, ‘28’ and ‘Like Ida’ have been uploaded to YouTube, so it feels likely the two songs will feature on The Great American Bar Scene.

Other teased tracks include ‘Oak Island’, which Zach performed during his Greenville, South Carolina show in early May, prompting fans to assume it'll appear on the new album.

Although Zach Bryan teased a variety of unreleased songs in 2023 that didn't ultimately make the cut for his self-titled album, we're hoping recently shared demos such as ‘God is a Funny Man’, ‘Out in the Boons’ and ’Better Days’ end up on his 2024 project.

Endearingly, ‘God is a Funny Man‘ appears to have been written for Zach Bryan's girlfriend, Brianna LaPaglia, with the piano-driven track exploring a lighter, more innocent tone compared to the brooding, introspective ambience of Zach's 2023 record.

LaPaglia has spoken in her podcast about how Zach has written songs about their relationship for the project, with fans excited to hear which tracks he's penned for her.

We're also keenly looking forward to hearing Zach Bryan's long-awaited John Mayer collaboration. The duo shared a photo from the studio back in October 2023, with Zach then briefly uploading a snippet of what fans believed to be their joint song towards the end of the year, before deleting the clip shortly after.

Another link-up fans have been calling for in recent weeks is Zach Bryan's duet with his fellow Oklahoman, John Moreland, seemingly entitled, ‘Memphis, The Blues’. Zach teased the evocative, world-weary track shortly before New Year's Eve, alongside a caption thanking John Moreland for his contribution to the song, “you’re a hero to okies like me @johnmoreland, thank you for joining me on this brother”.

Zach Bryan & John Moreland - ‘Memphis, The Blues’ Unreleased Song Snippet

<p>Unreleased Zach Bryan ‘Memphis, The Blues’ song placeholder photo with white background</p>

One of the many reasons we love Zach Bryan is because he always keeps us on our toes, with the folk-leaning maverick just as likely to surprise fans with an album announcement tonight as he is to keep us guessing for the next few months.

In addition to honing his new record, Zach is readying his Belting Broncos live album, and as of yet, it's unclear as to whether he will release this before his next studio project.

Either way, new music from the ‘Deep Satin’ crooner is always a cause for celebration - and we're hoping we'll be treated to another single or two sooner rather than later.

For more on Zach Bryan, see below:

Featured photo by Laura Ord

Written by Maxim Mower
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