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Dylan Gossett's Songs Ranked

February 13, 2024 4:19 pm GMT
Last Edited May 10, 2024 8:19 pm GMT

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Hailing from Central Texas, Dylan Gossett makes music that’s simple, heartfelt and meaningful, with some comparing it to Zach Bryan’s honest music and thoughtful, self-written lyrics.

Gossett took over social media in 2023 with his viral song ‘Coal’, amassing nearly 100 million streams since its July release and later appearing on his debut EP, No Better Time. Before the year’s close, he signed his first record deal with Big Loud Texas/Mercury Records, etching his name on the list of next generation artists that are here to stay. In early 2024, he followed it up with his four-song EP, Songs in the Gravel.

Throughout his discography, there’s a common theme of introspection and thoughtfulness. Coupled with his moving prose and heartfelt stories, Gossett’s songs are evocative and depict life’s ups and downs.

Whether it's considering our own choices, facing challenges, seeking freedom, cherishing the beautiful moments or navigating relationships, his catalog explores the complicated and uncertain aspects of the human condition.

With only ten songs released, here is Holler’s ranking of Dylan Gossett’s songs so far.

Big Loud Texas / Mercury Records | 2023

Lone Ole Cowboy

A powerful, heartbreaking song about a cowboy's life, fit with staunch emotions and vivid storytelling, ‘Lone Ole Cowboy’ shows the protagonist’s struggles with heartbreak, betrayal and the difficult life he’s lived.

The cowboy ends up confronting his problems with a gun, saying: My lady lost the love, well, I found the hate / There's a truck in the drive that belongs to another man / I've got a .45 and my finger on the band”. It’s a gripping story of a man finally pushed to his limits, yet despite it all, his strength and pride shine through, making him a captivating though tragic character.

While it contains powerful lyrics, the style is an outlier from the rest of Gossett’s repertoire. The violence and revenge plot of this gritty tale lacks his aforementioned usual theme of self-reflection.

Big Loud Texas / Mercury Records | 2024

Somewhere Between

A full-throttle tune from Songs in the Gravel set that beats along like that of a locomotive carousing across the country, 'Somewhere Between' finds Gossett taking on the character of a rambler rolling stone.

He's not running from anything in particular, but rather running towards what he feels is where he belongs. Finding himself somewhere between where he's been and where he's going, the Texas native underlines past experiences of heartbreak and his complex relationships back home.

However, by the end, Gossett's traversed a wide expanse of places, with none of them being enough to make him stay. In the end, he notes that "a man like me, I need room to breathe / Being on my own is where I feel free / So I'll decide when I get where I'm goin'."

It's an offering a bit out of the norm for Gossett, packing a punch on the production side rather than his typical stripped down charm, successfully distracting you from the indifferent and discontent found within its prose as the train keeps chugging along.

Where his other songs provide an err of introspection or optimism, 'Somewhere Between' doesn't really provide anything by way of meaning, but plenty in terms of catchiness.

Big Loud Texas / Mercury Records | 2024

If I Had A Lover

A heart-rendering ballad, we find Gossett crooning away about how different he and his life would be if he could only find the larger-than-life love he's been dreaming of.

Noting that if she would come his way he "couldn't keep it undercover" and would "fall for her like leaves," he adds that if he only had a dollar to his name, he'd not waste a second to "buy that girl a ring." Alas, he doesn't have either of those things and the lady he's got his eye on won't even pay him any mind, but he underpins that if could just attain a little change and a little love, he'd be the happiest guy around.

It's a tale of almost infatuation-level puppy love, but an unrequited one at that. With a breezy acoustic strumming along and a laidback conviction, Gossett – a happily married man - truly sells his misery and lonesomeness as he resolves that there's no one to blame for this sad turn of events but himself.

'If I Had a Lover' is another Gossett offering from 2024's Songs in the Gravel, which on the whole, finds him in different territory than his debut project. Where No Better Time felt like he practically recorded it alone in his bedroom, its follow-up feels like a leap forward, with a more robust and wholistic sound wrapping listeners in and getting them tapping along.

With that said, though, it's hard to compete with his first batch of songs which offer a special kind of charm, making 'If I Had a Lover' fall towards the back of the pack.

Dylan Gossett | 2023


This is the song that helped Gossett become who he is today. Centering around the dueling concepts of love and loneliness, ‘Coal’ takes listeners through the ups and downs of relationships.

Lines like "This game of life plays heavy on my heart / and love is tough but loneliness is twice as hard" really capture the emotional weight of managing relationships and life's challenges. It's a touching song that speaks to anyone who's ever felt a longing for love and the bitter melancholy of loneliness.

While an emotional song, the lyrics as a whole don't all hold together logically. As you read through the words on paper, some of the lines don’t make much sense or convey a clear narrative. In the end, though, it almost doesn't matter as Gossett’s raw relatability cuts through any lyrical fuzziness.

Big Loud Texas / Mercury Records | 2023

Beneath Oak Trees

Staying true to yourself and finding love, that’s what ‘Beneath Oak Trees’ is all about.

Celebrating the freedom to love without fear, the line, “Cause all that matters in the end is that we're famous in this house" reminds us that being loved and accepted by those closest to us is what truly matters. Describing the beauty of nature and portraying a love that thrives under oak trees, it’s a reminder to cherish moments with a love that goes beyond the norm.

‘Beneath Oak Trees’ demonstrates some of Gossett’s most unique songwriting. His vulnerability in honoring a gentle love that can bloom away from judgment creates a tender prose, and his rare emotional directness makes this a great model of Gossett's knack for heartfelt lyricism.

Big Loud Texas / Mercury Records | 2023

No Better Time

The title track of his debut EP, this tune is about stepping out of your comfort zone and facing challenges head-on. With lyrics like "You're not living unless you're willing to do some dying along the way," it reminds us that growth and happiness often spawn from facing difficulties and embracing the unknown.

‘No Better Time’ inspires listeners to accept life's journey with courage and enthusiasm, unafraid of chasing their dreams because, after all, “Sweat on your skin’s better than regret on your heart”.

It claims the fourth spot because of its message to take chances and embrace uncertainty. Taking risks can be daunting, but lyrics like these fill us with courage.

Big Loud Texas / Mercury Records | 2023

To Be Free

‘To Be Free’ beautifully captures the feeling of youth and rebellion, while also mixing in deep ponderings about life and our existence.

When he sings, "smells like weed and gasoline", it's as if you can almost smell it yourself. Similarly, the lyrics, "save your time while it’s cheap", invites you to make the most of your time while you still can. Gossett masterfully conveys the idea of breaking free from society's rules and embracing freedom in the face of uncertainty.

The raw, emotional power in Gossett's writing helps listeners connect with him in a profound way. Through his emotive lyrics and sincere vocal delivery, ‘To Be Free’ helps us feel less alone in our shared inner call for freedom and understood at the deepest level.

Big Loud Texas / Mercury Records | 2024

Finally Stop Dreaming

"Lay me down, my dear, when I finally stop dreaming." It's a simple enough line but the song it belongs to is one of Gossett's finest thus far.

A little over three minutes and spawning from Songs in the Gravel, 'Finally Stop Dreaming' finds one of the Texan's best vocal performances combined with a moving delivery and some seriously impressive production to boot as he sings about the pushes and pulls of life in all its nuance.

Seemingly referring to a romantic relationship, Gossett notes that he was born to run and will always be a dreamer at heart, while she, on the other hand, was made to stay strong and steady. However, he lays it on thick that she is more than enough to keep him firmly planted and that she ultimately feels like home, saying: "can't lose you and I choose you, so don't let me go." Following their relationship over time, we find that he holds onto the thought of her and their life together, as both of their free spirits yearn to be out in the world where their feet and souls can run.

It's a stirring and empowering anthem that speaks to the power of dreaming big and the importance of keeping that spirit alive at whatever cost, while also being content in your current circumstances.

Big Loud Texas / Mercury Records | 2023

Flip A Coin

‘Flip A Coin’ reflects on life's uncertainties and the search for inner peace, while simultaneously encouraging listeners to leave their worries behind and embrace the emotional ups and downs of being human. From the simple act of flipping a coin to make a decision, to thinking about life's ups and downs, Gossett stunningly captures the human experience.

Lyrics such as, “sometimes we're livin' just to die”, prompt us to live in the present and relieve ourselves of so much worry. It's a powerful reminder to find comfort in your journey along the way.

This is a strong contender for the top spot simply because of its sheer poetic brilliance. The way Gossett captures deep existential questions so clearly and meaningfully shows his true artistry. With his blessing, we can feel more affirmed to take risks, make the leap and know that, at least for today, we’ll be just fine.

‘Flip A Coin’ finds Gossett poised to be one of the greatest rising songwriters country music has seen in years.

Big Loud Texas / Mercury Records | 2024

Bitter Winds

Here we find Gossett lamenting about how time keeps moving forward and doesn’t wait for you to catch up. Begging to the heavens with descriptions and heartfelt words like, Can this all just please slow down / Another year is burning out / The sun don't wait for someone like me”, it underpins how time slips away too fast.

From leaves changing in the fall, reminding us that winter is coming, to moments evaporating all too quickly, ‘Bitter Winds’ reminds us to enjoy life’s little moments and appreciate what we have right now.

Without a doubt, ‘Bitter Winds’ is Gossett’s best offering thus far. His raw, passionate pleas for time to slow down strike deep, demonstrating his ability to capture the frightening yet all too relatable sensation that time is slipping through our fingers no matter how desperately we try to hold on to it.


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Written by Nate Boggs
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