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Zach Bryan Confirms Featured Artists on ‘The Great American Bar Scene’, Including John Mayer, Bruce Springsteen and More

July 3, 2024 10:15 am GMT

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Zach Bryan has today (July 3rd) shared the preface to his new album, The Great American Bar Scene, with the ‘Dawns’ hitmaker also revealing the featured artists on the highly anticipated project in the liner notes, beneath his heartfelt message.

Some eagle-eyed fans have noticed that, at the bottom of the preface amidst the various production and writing credits, John Mayer is name-checked as a co-producer alongside Zach, Chris Braun and Scott Zhang on ‘Track 13’. Zach Bryan has been teasing a momentous John Mayer collaboration for months now, with the duo photographed in the studio together back in October 2023. One of Zach's fan-favourite unreleased songs, ‘Better Days’, is expected to be this duet with Mayer.

In addition, in the credits Rock n’ Roll legend Bruce Springsteen is confirmed to be featured on The Great American Bar Scene, as it's written that ‘Bruce Springsteen appears courtesy of Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment’. The Boss is due to be the guest vocalist on ’Sandpaper’, another unreleased track Zach Bryan has been teasing while out on the road, with the two artists teaming up to perform the much-loved track in Brooklyn earlier in the year.

Noeline Hofmann, who collaborated with Zach Bryan on ‘Purple Gas’, is also referenced in the newly shared liner notes, while fellow Bryan’s fellow Oklahoman songwriter John Moreland is referenced as a co-writer with Zach on ‘Memphis, The Blues’, which the ’Something in the Orange’ crooner started teasing towards the end of 2023.

<p>Zach Bryan The Great American Bar Scene Preface</p>

Interestingly, Bryan Adams is cited as a co-writer on two tracks with Zach Bryan and Jim Vallance - ‘The Way Back’ and ‘Bass Boat’. At the moment, it looks like Bryan Adams might only be credited because Zach has interpolated the Canadian icon's ‘Heaven’ on ‘The Way Back’ - but the fact that he's down as a co-writer on ‘Bass Boat’ as well makes us think Adams might have actually penned this track with Zach.

Zach Bryan's preface reads, “The making of this album tested me and everyone close to me. It drove me to my ends and my beginnings. I saw the lights of Paris after saying I would for ten years, rode the coast of Australia with a beautiful woman, was locked in a pub until 7am in Ireland, walked my favorite street in New York over a hundred times, thought I was going to bleed out in a field in Tennessee, spent a few hours in handcuffs, hugged my grandma more than a few times, layed in the grass of my mother's hometown, sang ‘State Trooper’ in a bar South of Boston and wrote something that I think was important. I wrote and produced all of these with the help of some truly great friends. I finally felt like I's making music again. If you don't like it I assume it's not intended for you. Grab your beers through tears and fears, ‘the Great American Bar Scene’”.

The Great American Bar Scene is already shaping up to be one of the biggest country releases of the year, with the project set to include a plethora of long-awaited tracks such as ‘Oak Island’, ‘28’, ‘Like Ida’ and the title-track, the latter of which Zach Bryan has been performing at the majority of his recent Quittin’ Time shows.

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Written by Maxim Mower
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