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PLAYLISTBest New Country Songs

By Holler , November 29, 2021

All the best new tunes we're spinnin' here at Holler HQ. Sponsored by New West Records.

Graphic - CC 22/11 - The Highwaymen

PLAYLISTClassic Country Songs

By Holler , November 26, 2021

The gold standard in country music.

Holler Country Music

PLAYLISTNew Country Artists

By Holler , November 26, 2021

Introducing you to the best new acts in Country, Americana and Roots.

Holler Country Music

PLAYLISTRecords of the Year 2021 Playlist

By Holler , November 26, 2021

The top 20 country, Americana and roots records from 2021, as voted for by Holler staff and contributors.

Holler - A Guide To: The Rolling Stones' Country Songs

PLAYLISTThe Rolling Stones Country Songs

By Holler , November 25, 2021

Mick Jagger has always said that, as much as he loves it, he could never quite perform country music seriously.

The Best Songs of Miranda Lambert

PLAYLISTMiranda Lambert Songs

By Holler , November 18, 2021

Here's to a tough-as-nails traditionalist and feminist icon.


PLAYLISTThe New West Records Black Friday Special

By Holler , November 15, 2021

Celebrate Thanksgiving with the NW roster.

The Best Taylor Swift Songs From Holler

PLAYLISTTaylor Swift Songs

By Holler , November 15, 2021

Nine albums, 11 Grammys, five cats and countless breakups.

Holler - The Best 90s Country Songs List

PLAYLIST90s Country

By Holler , November 4, 2021

A big time for country music... and big hair... and big hair IN country music.

The Best Brad Paisley Songs

PLAYLISTBrad Paisley Songs

By Holler , October 28, 2021

From his stage presence and exemplary guitar work to his songwriting, Paisley delivers the full artist package.

Graphic - Guide To Elton John

PLAYLISTElton John Country Songs

By Holler , October 19, 2021

“I love hillbilly music, I love bluegrass music. It’s just the musicianship that I love.”

The Best Alan Jackson Songs list

PLAYLISTAlan Jackson Songs

By Holler , October 15, 2021


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HW Best of Season 1

PODCASTHoller Weekly: The Best of Season 1

By Holler , July 20, 2021

Special Guests, Sandalgate and One Hot Minute!

Holler Weekly Ep 15

PODCASTHoller Weekly Ep.15

By Holler , July 6, 2021

Tenille Townes joins Baylen and Kelly to talk about her new single 'Girl Who Didn't Care' and to take part in One Hot Minute!

Holler Weekly Episode 14 with Ty Herndon

PODCASTHoller Weekly Ep.14

By Holler , June 29, 2021

Ty Herndon joins Baylen and Kelly to talk about his annual Concert for Love and Acceptance, which takes place on Wednesday June 30th and aims to support the LGBTQ+ community.

Holler Weekly Podcast with Baylen Leonard and Kelly Sutton Episode 13

PODCASTHoller Weekly Ep.13

By Holler , June 22, 2021

Brittney Spencer joins Baylen and Kelly to talk about her brand new single 'Sober & Skinny', how everything she works on is rooted in country music, singing her tail off at church and loving Avril Lavigne.

Cody Johnson by Chris Douglas

INTERVIEWA Guide To: A Lone Star Christmas with Cody Johnson

By Alison Bonaguro, December 9, 2021

Johnson sits down to talk all about what made his Lone Star Christmases so memorable as a child, and what he does now to make the holidays special for his own family.

Holler Country Music

INTERVIEWChristmas Cuts The Deepest: Josh Turner

By Madeleine OConnell, December 8, 2021

The great annual debate of when it’s the appropriate time to begin Christmas festivities was not in question this year for the Grammy-nominated artist.

Sad Daddy by Melissa Brawner

INTRODUCINGPremiere: Sad Daddy's 'Cold Rain'

By Jof Owen, December 7, 2021

Jug band fiddle, four-part harmonies and goosebumps aplenty on this porch stomping reflection on the state of the world and a longing for simpler times

Holler's Ultimate Country Christmas Gift Guide

GUIDEThe Ultimate Country Christmas Gift Guide

By Holler , December 6, 2021

From Midland's tequila to a precious Dolly mug, these are the country music gifts you need to buy this Christmas.