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Zach Bryan Confirms New Album Will Have an August Release Date

July 17, 2023 8:57 am GMT
Last Edited December 19, 2023 10:30 pm GMT

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After confirming that he'd finished recording his new album, Zach Bryan has revealed the upcoming project - now expected to self-titled - will be released in August. Since then, the country prodigy has confirmed the album will be dropping on August 25.

The ‘Something in the Orange’ hitmaker shared the August release date alongside a new song snippet on TikTok, with Zach accompanying the video with the tantalising caption, ‘Montana bound baby! Albums in August!’ Zach posted the clip ahead of his memorable headlining performance at Montana's Under the Big Sky Festival 2023.

A few weeks later, the Lumineers frontman, Wesley Schultz, teased via his Instagram Stories that Zach Bryan's new album would be released on August 19. The revelation came after Zach teased a collaboration with the much-loved folk band.

However, it seems Wesley's revelation was premature, as Zach has since announced that his new self-titled album will instead be released a week later, on August 25.

It's surely no accident that Zach Bryan chose to write ‘Albums’ in his original post, with fans now feverishly speculating as to whether we could in fact be getting two new projects in August.

The consensus so far seems to be that he simply meant ‘Album's’ and didn't bother with the apostrophe. However, with Zach having teased over thirty new songs since his last studio release, the widely acclaimed Summertime Blues EP, the prolific singer-songwriter certainly has enough material to constitute a double-album.

Zach announced previously that the new album would only comprise eleven songs, sharing that he was now in his ‘quality over quantity era’. This would mean most of the teasers and demos he's posted over the past few months would fail to make the cut.

If Zach Bryan is gearing up to release more than one album - or possibly a double-album - then perhaps a number of these extra unreleased tracks will find their way onto this bonus project.

Earlier in July, Zach committed to including a live version of his much-loved 2023 single, ‘Dawns’, on the upcoming album, which has led some fans to believe he might be readying a new live record.

However, given the fact that he has only released one single since his 24-song Christmas Day live album, All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster (Live from Red Rocks), it seems unlikely he would drop another live project so soon after this one.

Regardless of whether we get two Zach Bryan albums or one, any sign of new music from the country-folk star is a cause for celebration. We're certainly hoping he includes his recently teased collaborations with Sierra Ferrell and The War and Treaty on Writers and Fighters, along with other previously shared demos, such as ‘I Remember Everything’.

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Written by Maxim Mower
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