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Luke Combs: New Album 2023 Release Date and Tracklist

By Maxim Mower

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Release Date: TBC

Expected Title: Growin' Up and Gettin' Old

Possible Tracklist:

  • Five-Leaf Clover
  • Good Old Days
  • When It's Raining
  • Ever Mine
  • See Me Now
  • We Still Drink Beer
  • Joe
  • Days Like These
  • Sleepless In a Hotel Room
  • Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old

Although Luke Combs only released his 2022 album, Growin‘ Up, less than six months ago, it wasn't long before fans started to ask when we would be receiving more new music from the country music titan.

Some members of his loyal Bootleggers fanbase were surprised to see that a number of Combs' unreleased songs hadn't made it onto Growin' Up.

Here at Holler HQ, we have our own theory as to the reasons behind these notable omissions. We're thinking (and hoping!) that Combs might just have a double album tucked up his sleeve.

Combs currently has seven unreleased songs uploaded to his YouTube channel, such as ‘Five-Leaf Clover’, which is a trademark Combsian display of everyman humility, and finds him wondering why the fates aligned for him to become one of the biggest names in modern country music.

His dominance over the genre was recently consolidated as he took home the CMA Entertainer of the Year 2022 award for the second year in a row. This was swiftly followed up with three Grammy 2023 nominations.

Along with ‘Five-Leaf Clover’ on Luke Combs' YouTube channel are other unreleased fan-favourites, such as the celebratory ‘Good Old Days’, ‘When It's Raining’, ‘Ever Mine’, ‘See Me Now’ and ‘We Still Drink Beer’.

Towards the end of November, he uploaded a video of him playing another unreleased track, ‘Days Like These’, which he had previously teased on Instagram.

There are a handful of other unreleased songs that haven't made the YouTube playlist, but that Combs has posted on his Instagram page. These include the lonesome tearjerker, ‘Sleepless In a Hotel Room’.

While out on the road, Combs has also performed ‘Joe’, a pensive ode to overcoming alcoholism that finds the North Carolina native flexing his storytelling muscles. It also represents a more mature gear-shift away from the beer-drenched, party-starting hits that Combs has become known for, such as ‘Beer Never Broke My Heart’ and ‘1, 2 Many’.

The keystone of it all is one unreleased track with a particularly interesting title - ‘Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old’. Given the fact that Combs' 2022 album was called Growin’ Up, some suspect that he is about to announce a double album called Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old.

This theory seems to gain further credence from the Growin’ Up album art, which features half of Combs' smiling face with the title emblazoned on half his cap. It does not take much of a leap to imagine part two of this neatly completing Combs' portrait, with 'and Gettin’ Old’ on the other half of his' staple cap.

Many of the unreleased songs on Combs' YouTube channel carry themes of reflection and nostalgia, particularly, for instance, ‘Ever Mine’ and ‘When It's Raining’. They would seem well-suited for a second half of the album that revolves around the theme of Gettin’ Old.

Both of Luke Combs' previous studio albums have been followed up by a deluxe edition roughly a year later. Could the ‘Beautiful Crazy’ hitmaker be about to take this a step further by releasing a double album in Spring 2023, which would be around a year after he dropped Growin’ Up? It's a format that has become more popular in recent times, with both Morgan Wallen and Cody Johnson putting out double albums in 2021.

Where does the truth about Luke Combs' next project lie? Do you think we ‘Ain't Far From It’, or are we ‘A Long Way’ off?

For a possible tracklist so far for Luke Combs' new album, see below:

Five-Leaf Clover

Good Old Days

When It's Raining

Ever Mine

See Me Now

We Still Drink Beer


Days Like These

Sleepless In a Hotel Room

Growin' Up and Gettin' Old

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