Kalie Shorr

Holler Live Sessions: Kalie Shorr

February 3, 2023 3:04 pm GMT
Last Edited May 25, 2023 11:24 am GMT

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Holler Live Sessions: Kalie Shorr


'Too Much To Say'

'Love Child'

"I always explain this one, and it's so self-explanatory", realises Kalie Shorr, as she introduces her song 'Love Child' from the cosy surroundings of the Betsey Trotwood pub in London. "I'm just going to shut up and play the song now".

While Kalie might ponder over why she feels the need to explain something that in her eyes is so clear, we're hooked on each word - intrigued to find out more about this candid songwriter.

"It's like my biography in three minutes. It starts by talking about my parents - my mum was born in France, my Dad was born in Germany - and really, it starts at the beginning". That beginning has made Kalie Shorr the person she is today - a passionate artist who is also a keen observer that writes with sincerity and resolve.

Joining Holler before she takes to the stage in London alongside Robyn Ottolini, Twinnie and Carter Faith for the Song Suffragettes Songwriter's Round, Shorr offers us a personal performance, her songs piercing through like separate conversations with each person in the room. She has a canny and striking way of creating such a connection; whether through the honesty of her songs or the near-whisper of her delivery.

Playing 'Too Much To Say' and 'Love Child', Shorr exhibits how she can be both acutely present and irresistibly wistful, all while imprinting a small part of herself on the memory you take away.

Holler Live Sessions Team

Director: Dan Monro

Producers: Ross Jones & Ciara Bains

Audio Engineer: Nathaniel Kastoryano

Cameras: Dan Monro & Nick Richards

Editor: Dan Monro

Written by Ross Jones