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Holler Live Sessions: Twinnie

January 18, 2023 3:41 pm GMT
Last Edited February 22, 2023 9:33 am GMT

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Holler Live Sessions: Twinnie

Twinnie - Guitar & Vocals, Barnabas Shaw - Guitar & Vocals


'Good For You'

'Bad Bad Bitch'

Twinnie is a trailblazer of the UK country scene. Bringing her fiery soul and bold songwriting to The Betsey Trotwood pub in London, she joins Holler to perform 'Good For You' and her hit 2022 single 'Bad Bad Bitch' live in session.

Inflected with pop and rock sensibilities, Twinnie's country songwriting is grounded in razor-sharp, no-shit-taking lyricism, effortless swagger and euphoric hooks that can't help but stick in your head.

As she pushes the boundaries to create a community of inclusivity, Twinnie’s music delivers a crucial message of self-love, confidence and acceptance for all. A fresh voice for the outliers, she has created a musical refuge for people on the fringe where everyone is welcome.

Alongside her career as a performing artist, in 2021 Twinnie founded I KNOW A WOMAN - a global music collective with the aim of standardising mental health therapy within label and publishing deals. The collective offers vital support to creatives through non-profit work, whilst also delivering wider support through artist management and label deals. Find out more here.

Holler Live Sessions Team

Director: Dan Monro

Producers: Ross Jones & Ciara Bains

Audio Engineer: Nathaniel Kastoryano

Cameras: Dan Monro & Nick Richards

Editor: Dan Monro

Written by Ciara Bains