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Lauren Watkins Yearns for the Good Old Days in New Song Teaser

January 11, 2023 3:20 pm GMT
Last Edited June 6, 2023 5:17 pm GMT

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One of Big Loud's most exciting prodigies, Lauren Watkins, has shared a snippet of a brand new song across her socials.

The soulful track laments the lack of true, traditional cowboys in modern country music.

@laur.watkins old school country will always be my favorite to write #old #country #outlaw #music #fyp #foryou #songwriter ♬ original sound - Lauren Watkins

Watkins name-checks one of Willie Nelson's most iconic albums, Red Headed Stranger, in the lyric, “I'm needing a red headed stranger/I miss the real rodeo man”.

Eagle-eyed fans will spot an aptly positioned Waylon & Willie vinyl in the background of the video.

The Nashville singer-songwriter goes on to celebrate the authenticity typically associated with classic country singers (“They sang what they knew, and they knew what they sang/I wish I could find one to whisk me away”).

Watkins then showcases her vocal dexterity as she launches into the sinuous hook, “Where, oh, where, oh, where did they go/There ain't no cowboys on Music Row”.

It's an accusation that would no doubt be supported by the likes of Cody Jinks and Cody Johnson, the latter of whom was regularly told that Nashville had no room for traditional ‘hat acts’.

Watkins’ new song also echoes the sentiment of George Strait and Alan Jackson's historic collaboration, ‘Murder on Music Row’, and, more recently, Muscadine Bloodline's ‘Dispatch to 16th Ave.’

In recent months, Lauren Watkins’ fanbase has been rapidly expanding as a result of her range of stripped-back covers, the latest of which was a touching rendition of Ernest's ‘Miss That Girl’.

Watkins was recently announced as support for Lily Rose's upcoming tour, which kicks off in February. It'll be interesting to see if her latest snippet makes it into her live set-list for these shows.

Although the new teaser is currently untitled, with no release date lined up, listeners will nonetheless be eagerly awaiting an announcement as to when the drawn-in ballad will appear on streaming platforms.

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