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Noah Kahan's New Album 2024: Everything We Know So Far

May 23, 2024 12:34 pm GMT

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Expected Release Date: Second Half of 2024

Possible Title: Mud Season

Expected Tracklist:

  • The Great Divide
  • Pain is Cold Water
  • Spoiled
  • 2010
  • Emily (ft. Mt. Joy)
  • I Belong To You
  • Shape Of My Shadow
  • Best Friend

While some artists will keep their fans waiting months and even years in-between releases, Noah Kahan - thankfully - likes to ensure his loyal fanbase remain well-fed by dropping a plethora of singles, revamped duets and unreleased snippets.

After releasing blockbuster collaborations with Hozier, Post Malone, Kacey Musgraves and more, Noah Kahan kicked off 2024 with an extended version of his hugely popular Stick Season record, featuring the long-teased fan-favourite, ‘Forever’.

Although Stick Season (Forever) only arrived in February, given the fact that the Vermont hitmaker's last full-length studio project comprising entirely original material dropped way back in 2022, we think Noah is currently readying his follow-up.

Adding to our suspicions is Noah's decision to start performing some unreleased tracks as part of his setlist, with the bearded crooner now regularly delivering live renditions of ‘The Great Divide’, which seems likely to be the new project's lead single.

First teased in early 2024, ‘The Great Divide’ finds Noah evocatively reflecting on a friendship, as he desperately seeks to assure the person he's singing to that they need not concern themselves with the state of their soul, nor their destination in the afterlife.

Another track that's been creeping into Noah Kahan's 2024 setlist is ‘Pain is Cold Water’, an older track that's still yet to be made available, along with the much-loved ‘Spoiled’, which serves as a musing on the fast-paced life and the burn-out he's experiencing.

We reckon these three unreleased tracks are the leading contenders to be featured on Noah's forthcoming record, judging by the frequency he's been performing them of late.

Nonetheless, we're hoping Noah Kahan decides to breathe new life into a selection of tracks from over the years, which have so far been cast aside to his expansive pile of unreleased demos, clips and teasers. Fans regularly call for Noah to release ‘Emily’, which he performed with Mt. Joy at Austin City Limits in 2023, along with the likes of ‘2010’, ‘I Belong To You’, ‘Shape Of My Shadow’ and ‘Best Friend’.

In 2022, Noah Kahan took to Twitter (now X) to confirm he will be releasing ‘Shape Of My Shadow’ in the future, despite it not fitting onto his Stick Season project, “I want to give Shape Of My Shadow a chance to have its own moment. It didnt fit thematically on this record but Is dearly important to me and will be given its chance”.

Although there's no official title, tracklist or release date as of yet, we think it would be fun for Noah Kahan to extend the pivotal theme of Stick Season - especially bearing in mind how successful this project has proven - and name his next record ‘Mud Season’. ‘Stick Season’ is the way those in Vermont describe the time of year when the leaves fall and the weather becomes considerably more hostile and gloomy between mid-October and December, while ‘Mud Season’ refers to the comparatively warmer, sunnier period between April and June.

With the final track of Noah's Stick Season era, ‘Forever’, signifying a shift towards a brighter, more optimistic ambience as he toasts his new rose-tinted life with his lover, we feel Mud Season would be a fun, playful nod to his previous album, while encapsulating the quiet hope and vibrance this new chapter brings.

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Written by Maxim Mower
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