Noah Kahan performing dressed all in white

Noah Kahan Performs Unreleased Fan-Favourite, ‘The Great Divide’, in Asheville, North Carolina

May 22, 2024 10:27 am GMT

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During the opening night of his 2024 We'll All Be Here Forever tour in Asheville, North Carolina, Noah Kahan serenaded attendees with his unreleased fan-favourite, ‘The Great Divide’, which is set to appear on the folk-leaning crooner's new album.

Noah has been sharing snippets and teasers of the intricate track over the past few months, with the ‘She Calls Me Back’ hitmaker seemingly preparing to release it as the lead single from his keenly awaited Stick Season (Forever) follow-up.

‘The Great Divide’ finds the much-loved Vermont crooner reflecting on his relationship with a friend who's been tussling with both their mental health and their spirituality.

Noah Kahan pleads with them not to concern themselves with the state of their soul or the afterlife, with the ‘Northern Attitude’ singer-songwriter wondering whether he could've done more during one particular conversation they had while driving.

With Noah having shared a clip of what appears to be the studio version of ’The Great Divide’, which makes us suspect the viral track's release is (hopefully) imminent.

In addition, during Noah Kahan's momentous tour kick-off in Asheville, North Carolina, the folk-leaning trailblazer performed another popular unreleased track, ‘Pain is Cold Water’.

This older track has been floating around on Noah Kahan's socials for around a year now, but with Noah reintroducing it into his setlist, it seems likely he's planning on including both ‘The Great Divide’ and ‘Pain is Cold Water’ on his forthcoming record.

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Written by Maxim Mower
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