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Noah Kahan Duets - Ranked

March 20, 2024 9:01 pm GMT

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In the past year, fans of both folk and country alike have been listening to Noah Kahan’s newest album, Stick Season – as well as its two alternative versions, Stick Season (We’ll All Be Here Forever) and Stick Season (Forever) – on repeat.

Featuring collaborations with some of today’s biggest stars, Kahan has shaped his duets with singers from several different genres of music: Hozier, Post Malone, Kacey Musgraves, Gracie Abrams and Lizzy McAlpine, to name a few.

Gaining a great deal of new fans and followers with the release of Stick Season – which achieved quite a bit of social media success – there have been numerous debates of not only his best collaborations from his third studio album, but his best collaborations from his career thus far.

From pop to folk to everything in between, Kahan has had 11 different collaborators on his tunes thus far – not counting his appearances on Zach Bryan’s 'Sarah’s Place', Joy Oladokun’s 'We’re All Gonna Die' and Chelsea Cutler’s 'Crazier Things'.

Here at Holler, we have compiled a comprehensive ranking. Keep scrolling for the best Noah Kahan duets, ranked from worst to best.

Republic Records | 2020

'Pride' (feat. mxmtoon)

Not to be deemed the worst – because all of Kahan’s collaborations are nothing short of spectacular – but 'Pride' featuring mxmtoon falls onto the very bottom of our list simply due to its lack of streaming success since its release in 2020.

A majority of Kahan’s fans stem from the social media and streaming success that Stick Season brought him – an album that was released as his transition away from the pop genre and into the country, folk and Americana spaces – causing some of his collaborations to not be as beloved as his eight Stick Season duets, mostly as a result of their pop undertones.

More importantly, 'Pride' is a bittersweet song that discusses the loneliness of isolation, which quickly became outdated once the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic began to die down.

Republic Records | 2021

'Someone Like You' (feat. Joy Oladokun)

Arriving before Stick Season, 'Someone Like You' featuring Joy Oladokun also didn't achieve as much streaming success as Kahan’s newer collaborations, likely again due to the pop undertones.

With Joy Oladokun serving as the first and only African American artist that Kahan has collaborated with in his career thus far, fans praised the pair, taking to the comment section of the music video to express their enthusiasm.

“Seeing Noah duet with another awesome singer of Nigerian descent brings me so much Joy (No pun intended). Proudly Nigerian,” one fan dished.

While people might appreciate Kahan and Oladokun as individuals, as well as envy their friendship, many may argue that the meaning of 'Someone Like You' is nothing more than a surface-level breakup bop.


'You’re Gonna Go Far' (feat. Brandi Carlile)

As far as streams go, 'You’re Gonna Go Far' featuring Brandi Carlile is the least successful Stick Season collaboration, despite the oh-so relatable story that the song tells from start to finish.

Anyone who has ever had to part ways with a loved one will feel this tune in their bones, sharing the feelings that come with someone leaving to explore new opportunities elsewhere, with the narrator relaying a tear-jerking yet hopeful message in the chorus.

Together, the pair sing: “So, pack up your car, put a hand on your heart / Say whatever you feel, be wherever you are / We ain't angry at you, love / You're the greatest thing we've lost / The birds will still sing, your folks will still fight / The boards will still creak, the leaves will still die / We ain't angry at you, love / We'll be waitin' for you, love.”

Given that a solo version of the song was available to stream beforehand, the Carlile-graced version of 'You’re Gonna Go Far' marked one of the final Stick Season duets, and the Vermont native was pleased (to say the least) to have this country crooner join the project.

“The honor of all honors to have the iconic [Brandi Carlile] on ‘You’re Gonna Go Far.’ It felt like I was floating when I listened to her version… Her music is timeless and inspiring and there are very few songwriters in the world I adore as much as I love Brandi’s ability to tell a story. Her voice will always be known as one of the best ever and I’m so grateful she contributed it to this song,” Kahan shared via X, alongside the announcement that she would be a part of the track.


'Paul Revere' (feat. Gregory Alan Isakov)

As far as streaming goes, another not-so-successful Stick Season collaboration is 'Paul Revere' featuring Gregory Alan Isakov.

Despite being arguably the most interesting song to stem from the album, it tells the story of the narrator leaving his hometown once and for all while using references to American history.

With harmonies upon harmonies once Isakov was added to the track, the chilling nature of 'Paul Revere' intensified in its collaborative version, adding an entirely different sound to the tune we grew to know and love beforehand.

Just like the announcement that Carlile would be joining 'You’re Gonna Go Far', Kahan took to X to announce that Isakov would be joining 'Paul Revere.' He wrote, “Justice is served. Thrilled to announce a very special version of 'Paul Revere' with one of my personal heroes... Gregory and his haunting voice and vivid songwriting was the inspiration to this song and I am honored he was willing to join me for this. He is somebody who has soundtracked my entire life so it truly feels like a full circle moment. Thank you Gregory for your gift and thank you for bringing it to this song.”


'Homesick' (feat. Sam Fender)

Switching up his sound, 'Homesick' featuring Sam Fender sees the collaborator adding an even heavier rock element to the tussling track, which discusses the narrator’s love/hate relationship with his hometown as he's eager to escape, yet struggling to let go once and for all.

This message – which happens to run throughout the entirety of Stick Season – is best exemplified in the chorus, where Kahan and Fender sing, “I would leave if only I could find a reason / I'm mean because I grew up in New England / I got dreams but I can't make myself believe them / Spend the rest of my life with what could have been / And I will die in the house that I grew up in / I'm homesick.

'Homesick' has always had the heaviest rock influence out of all of the tracks on Stick Season, something that Fender only intensified within their shared version.

Nonetheless, given the fact that it does not achieve Kahan’s signature sound, as well as some of his other Stick Season collaborations, 'Homesick' featuring Sam Fender ultimately earned the number seven spot on our list of the best Noah Kahan duets thus far.


'Call Your Mom' (feat. Lizzy McAlpine)

Finding itself in the center of our list is 'Call Your Mom' featuring Lizzy McAlpine.

It's song that finds the narrator offering a helping hand and words of encouragement to somebody he knows – seemingly a love interest – who is struggling, best exemplified in the chorus: “Don't let this darkness fool you / All lights turned off can be turned on / I'll drive, I'll drive all night / I'll call your mom / Oh, dear, don't be discouraged / I've been exactly where you are / I'll drive, I'll drive all night / I'll call your mom.

Making waves with her smash hit 'ceilings', McAlpine was the perfect person to serve as a collaborator on this song, with her chilling vocals blending beautifully with Kahan.

Known for building intensity as her songs progress, much like the Stick Season singer, fans have drawn quite a few comparisons between both artists, with some even taking to X to argue that they're soulmates based on musical style alone.

“I want Noah Kahan and Lizzy McAlpine to be in love. Imagine the courting albums we’d get,” one user gushed.


'Everywhere, Everything' (feat. Gracie Abrams)

While individuals have compared Lizzy McAlpine and Gracie Abrams to one another on numerous occasions, 'Everywhere, Everything' featuring Abrams serves as a stark contrast to the McAlpine-graced 'Call Your Mom'.

This time around, the song tells a tale of true love that's certain to leave listeners with butterflies in their stomachs.

Performed at Spotify’s Best New Artist Party ahead of the 2024 GRAMMY Awards – fitting given the fact that both Kahan and Abrams were nominated for the GRAMMY Award alongside Ice Spice, Coco Jones, The War and Treaty, Jelly Roll, Fred Again and Victoria Monét – it's clear that 'Everywhere, Everything' is not only a fan favorite, but also one of Kahan’s most beloved tunes to date.

Because of this, the track made its way into the top five on our list of best Noah Kahan collaborations, as these two are truly the perfect duo.


'She Calls Me Back' (feat. Kacey Musgraves)

While 'She Calls Me Back' featuring Kacey Musgraves is a personal favorite of Holler's, it might not be as popular as the collaborative versions of those to come on our list, causing it to fall into the number four spot.

Described as “a playful, euphoric song perfect for long road trips and sing-a-longs in the shower,” the tune is one of the happiest tracks on Kahan’s third studio album, telling the story of the narrator getting a call back from what appears to be his love interest, serving as a stark contrast to 'Dial Drunk.'

Given the fact that Musgraves had seemingly stepped away from the music scene for a while, fans were thrilled to see the Golden Hour singer collaborate with Kahan on this tune – as well as collaborate with Zach Bryan on 'I Remember Everything' – launching her back into the limelight and leading to the announcement of her fifth studio album, Deeper Well.

Republic | 2019

'Hurt Somebody' (feat. Julia Michaels)

The best non-Stick Season Kahan collaboration is undoubtedly 'Hurt Somebody' featuring Julia Michaels.

The Grammy-nominated entertainer described it as a track “about the paralyzing fear of not being able to cut loose ends, even if it's ultimately for the greater good,” in an exclusive interview with Billboard. “Ending things can be painful, and 'Hurt Somebody' illuminates the inner dialogue of trying to stomach the weight of that decision.”

Despite telling a rather gut-wrenching story, the tune contrasts this message with an upbeat, danceable nature, making the song itself unlike anything in Kahan’s discography.

With Kahan and Michaels' voices complimenting each other beautifully, there’s a reason why it has garnered more than 300 million Spotify streams to date, ultimately earning the number three spot on our list.


'Dial Drunk' (feat. Post Malone)

As far as streams go, 'Dial Drunk' featuring Post Malone is the most successful Stick Season collaboration to date, amassing almost 200 million streams on Spotify alone.

The song finds the narrator getting arrested after becoming heavily intoxicated during a night out on the town, choosing to make his one phone call to an ex-lover, who sends him straight to voicemail. Incorporating the musical styles of each artist while telling this story, 'Dial Drunk' is a perfect blend of Kahan and Post Malone, as well as an equally beloved song by both musical maestros.

'Dial Drunk' is extra special when it comes to the collaborations on Stick Season because it marks one of the rapper’s first steps into the country genre, a transition that he has been teasing for many months.

Believe it or not, this duet is equally as special to Kahan as well, as he's been a fan of Post Malone for a while before ever establishing a working relationship with him. “You can only imagine my shock and excitement when Post told me he wanted to not only sing on it, but write his own verse. I have been listening to Post Malone since 'White Iverson' dropped, even covering 'Congratulations' right when my career was beginning. It feels like a full circle moment, and it has been a dream come true to make this collaboration happen,” he shared in a press release upon its release.


'Northern Attitude' (feat. Hozier)

Serving as the opening song of his third studio album – as well as the opening song of his We'll All Be Here Forever World Tour – 'Northern Altitude' is arguably the most powerful song to stem from Stick Season.

On it, Kahan exemplifies his signature cry and reaches his highest range in its chorus: “If I get too close / And I'm not how you hoped / Forgive my northern attitude / Oh, I was raised out in the cold / If the sun don't rise / 'Til the summertime / Forgive my northern attitude / Oh, I was raised on little light.

Naturally, adding Hozier to the track – an artist who has been compared to the Vermont native on numerous occasions as far as appearance, musical style and overall sound – makes it even better than before.

With Kahan taking to X upon its release to share that nobody should ever listen to the solo version of the song ever again, even the artist believes that 'Northern Altitude' featuring Hozier should top our list, likely due to its cinematic nature that truly cannot be topped.


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Written by Melanie Rooten
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