Zach Bryan at Two Step Inn 2023 by Laura Ord

Zach Bryan Teases New Unreleased Folk-Leaning Song

September 13, 2023 12:11 pm GMT

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Zach Bryan continues to drip-feed unreleased music to his fanbase, despite the fact that he dropped sixteen new songs less than a month ago as part of his self-titled album.

The ‘Something in the Orange’ hitmaker has taken to Twitter to share a new snippet, which finds Zach exploring a more folk-driven sound compared to other recent releases.

He accompanied the song teaser with the caption “great American bar scene”, although it remains unclear whether this is a reference to the unreleased track's title.

Zach Bryan croons against the backdrop of a jaunty acoustic guitar riff and uptempo beat, with the new song feeling reminiscent of classic tracks by The Lumineers, such as the now-iconic ‘Ho Hey’.

The hugely popular band appeared on ‘Spotless’, one of the many stand-outs from Zach Bryan's 2023 album, and the Oklahoma native has been vocal in the past about the impact The Lumineers have had the style of music he chooses to create.

Fans will be hoping this latest demo is given an official release in the near future, along with another recently teased track on God and faith, which Zach performed in front of a pool last week.

Although it seems Zach Bryan's gaze has already turned towards the prospect of future releases, just last week his high-profile Kacey Musgraves collaboration, ‘I Remember Everything’, earned him his first ever Billboard Hot 100 No. 1.

Zach's label will no doubt want him to hold fire on any new songs for the time being, especially with ‘I Remember Everything’ having just been selected as his first single to be sent to Country Radio.

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