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Zach Bryan Confirms Live Debut of ‘All The Time’ Was Not Related to Deb Peifer Break-Up

May 31, 2023 4:13 pm GMT

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In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 30, fans were treated to the first ever live performance of Zach Bryan's 2022 song, ‘All The Time’.

With the singer-songwriter now sharing news of his split from his girlfriend, Deb Peifer, many have leapt to the conclusion that his decision to perform the heartbroken ode was linked to the break-up.

However, the ‘Oklahoma Smokeshow’ hitmaker has today revealed that the two events were simply coincidental, as fans have been clamouring for him to perform ‘All The Time’ ever since its release.

The news follows Zach Bryan's confirmation of his split from Deb Peifer via Twitter, with the chart-topping prodigy asking for respect and privacy during this understandably challenging period, “For transparency and with respect I am letting everyone know Debra and me went our separate ways about a week and a half ago. Things are mutual between us, we’re leaving with plenty memories and good times. I beg so much that everyone respects her and my privacy through a hard time”.

Zach quickly followed this up with a message regarding his live debut of ‘All The Time’ last night, “and me playing All The Time last night had actually nothing to do with my previous tweet. I got hundreds of dm’s of people asking me to play it and it was about time I did it”.

‘All The Time’ originally appeared on Zach's critically acclaimed 2022 Summertime Blues EP, and finds the Oklahoma native navigating the conflicting and confusing emotions that arise in the aftermath of a break-up (“Love is patient, love is kind / Should not make you lose your mind / There's got to be more to this than bein' pissed off / All the time”).

Navigating a break-up in the public eye is a difficult enough experience as it is, but with Zach Bryan having a famously interactive and open channel of communication with his fans, this will have added an extra level of pressure onto the young star.

He has shared a number of tracks penned for Deb Peifer in the past few weeks and months, including a special ballad written in honour of the couple's one-year anniversary in December.

Given the fact that they have now separated, it remains to be seen whether these love songs will make the cut for Zach Bryan's eagerly anticipated new album, Writers and Fighters.

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As much as the country prodigy's listeners are yearning for new music, though, their main priority will undoubtedly be for fellow fans and the media to respect Zach Bryan's request for privacy when it comes to any gossip and rumours that may enshroud his break-up with Deb Peifer.

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