Jelly Roll gatecrashing Noah Kahan's Billboard interview

“This is the Bromance Nobody Knew Would Happen”; Jelly Roll Praises Fellow Grammy Nominee, Noah Kahan

February 5, 2024 1:06 pm GMT

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As the artists geared up for one of the biggest nights in music, the 2024 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, Jelly Roll crashed a Billboard interview with Noah Kahan to underline his appreciation for Noah's songwriting and offer him his vote for Best New Artist.

Jelly joked, “This is the bromance nobody knew was going to happen this week. We knew it though, we knew it, I had a feeling. It should be the storyline of the Grammys!”

During Spotify's Best New Artist Party, Jelly Roll paid tribute to his fellow 2024 nominee, who leans towards the folkier outer edges of country, compared to Jelly's rock-inspired, rap-tinged sound. As a result of this sonic disparity, some might've assumed Jelly and Noah wouldn't be too familiar with one another - but judging from this endearing interview, they're already well on their way to becoming best buds.

“Man, I just love the authenticity of [Noah's] music”, Jelly underlined, “I love where he writes from. I love his dedication to the craft....He did it his way. Our stories are very similar. He did it ten years before me, but he didn't start two days ago”.

He expressed his admiration for the fact that Noah Kahan performed across the country in intimate venues, before blossoming into the globally recognised artist he is today.

Jelly shared, “I have a lot of respect for artists who cut their teeth in bars. It's an old-school can hear it in his music. And what a wholesome dude, he's winning an award last night and his mom and dad are there...Who can cheer against a guy like this?”

Although Victoria Monét took home the 2024 Best New Artist Grammy, before the ceremony, Jelly Roll teased that, should he be successful, he'd use his air-time to stress why Noah should've taken the gong, “I'm going to spend the first half talking about how he should've won...We promised each other a shout-out no matter what”.

As the two parted ways, Jelly Roll heartwarmingly reiterated his fondness for the ‘Dial Drunk’ hitmaker once again, “I love you, brother, I voted for you, brother”.

Before Jelly gatecrashed the interview, Noah Kahan highlighted how moving he finds the ’Need A Favor’ songsmith's journey, “Well, Jelly is the absolute man. His story inspires me, his music inspires me, his personality inspires me. He just reminds me of my friends from back home, and he supports me like one of them”.

The Vermont singer-songwriter emphasised his gratitude at having Jelly in his corner, “It's so cool to have the seal of approval from someone so talented and so gifted and so kind”.

It's safe to say nobody had this sweet Jelly Roll and Noah Kahan friendship on their bingo cards for the 2024 Grammys - but we're definitely here for it. Given Noah Kahan's recent run of high-profile collaborations, including link-ups with Post Malone, Kacey Musgraves, Hozier and more, fans are now hoping he'll find some time to get into the studio with Jelly Roll for another surprise, genre-blending duet.

It seems we might have to wait a little while for this, however, with Noah having announced his final two Stick Season collaborations with Gregory Alan Isakov and Brandi Carlile. They'll be released on February 9th, alongside the long-time fan-favourite, ’Forever’.

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Written by Maxim Mower
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