Sierra Ferrell with a hat on and holding flowers in front of a sun-like backdrop

Sierra Ferrell Unveils Sophomore Album, ‘Trail Of Flowers’; Releases New Single, ‘Dollar Bill Bar’

January 18, 2024 1:00 pm GMT

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Photography by Bobbi Rich

Sierra Ferrell has announced her keenly anticipated sophomore album, Trail Of Flowers.

The trailblazer's second album will arrive on March 22nd 2024, with the follow up to Long Time Coming set to feature a variety of never-heard-before tracks, such as ‘American Dreaming’, ‘Chittlin’ Cookin’ Time in Cheatham County’ and ‘Money Train’.

The newly released ‘Dollar Bill Bar’ serves as a marked departure from Sierra Ferrell's previous single, the raucous, rip-roaring ‘Fox Hunt’. ‘Dollar Bill Bar’ adopts a considerably more drawn-in approach, with Ferrell showcasing her spell-binding, otherworldly vocals and her penchant for joyously retro, sepia-tinged balladry.

Ahead of the Trail Of Flowers revelation, Sierra Ferrell shared some details on how the new project will explore some different textures and styles compared to 2021's Long Time Coming.

The West Virginia singer-songwriter explained, “With Trail Of Flowers, I wanted to make a fuller sound with bigger drums, but still stay true to the stripped-down feel of old-time music whenever it felt right. I wanted to create something that makes people feel nostalgic for the past, but excited about the future of music”.

Ferrell went on to underline how she hopes the record will soothe listeners, “I’m just trying to put words and melodies together and build it into something people can pour their feelings into, all their happiness and sorrows, so that it changes their reality a little bit and gives them some comfort. To me music is like medicine. Whenever I write a song and it feels healing to me, I know it can heal other people too”.

To help celebrate the news that Trail Of Flowers will be available in just a couple of months, Sierra Ferrell is taking the stage on Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight (Thursday, January 18th) for her blockbuster national television debut performance.

Before Trail Of Flowers drops, the ‘In Dreams’ songsmith will be kicking off her Shoot For The Moon tour, with packed-out shows lined up in Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, California and more. Ferrell is also set to support Zach Bryan on his high-profile Quittin’ Time tour.

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Written by Maxim Mower
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