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Parker McCollum - Never Enough: New Album 2023 Release Date and Tracklist

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Release Date: May 12th

Title: Never Enough

Possible Tracklist:

  • Hurricane
  • Things I Never Told You
  • Burn It Down
  • Stoned
  • Handle On You
  • Lessons From An Old Man
  • Tails I Lose
  • Have Your Heart Again
  • Speed

Towards the end of January, Parker McCollum announced that the follow-up to his widely celebrated 2021 album, Gold Chain Cowboy, would be dropping on May 12.

The following month, he revealed that the record would be called ‘Never Enough’, and that it would include ‘Handle On You’ and ‘Stoned’, along with his recent single, ‘I Ain't Going Nowhere’.

Never Enough will also feature McCollum's latest release, ‘Speed’, which is set to drop on March 10. Judging from his previously teased tracklist, it seems that ‘Speed’ will be track No. 9.

‘Handle On You’ dropped in August 2022, while ‘Stoned’ was released as an early Christmas present for fans on December 2. The two songs showcase McCollum's penchant for a heartbreak anthem, with ‘Handle On You’ following in the uptempo, hook-driven footsteps of previous hits such as ‘To Be Loved By You’ and his first ever No. 1, ‘Pretty Heart’.

‘Stoned’ adopts a slower, more introspective approach, and finds McCollum putting a fresh twist on the whiskey-soaked hurt of ‘I Can't Breathe’ and ‘Rest Of My Life’.

Following the release of ‘Handle On You’ and ‘Stoned’, McCollum announced that the third single from the new project would be ‘I Ain't Goin’ Nowhere’, which he dropped on February 17.

The heartwarming, upbeat track finds the Texan serenading his wife with reassurances that home is where his heart will always be, despite all the time he has to spend out on the road.

In the lead-up to Never Enough's release, the Texas star has teased a number of snippets and clips of unreleased songs across his socials. As he revealed the album title and artwork, McCollum also playfully uncovered part of the tracklist, but with the majority of the songs scribbled out - leaving just enough tantalising hints and clues to keep us guessing.

Album Tracklist - Parker McCollum - Never Enough

With ‘Stoned’ and ‘Handle On You’ as No. 5 and No. 6 on the list respectively, it seems ‘Lessons From An Old Man’ is lurking behind the scrawls at No. 7. In the endearing, philosophical ballad, McCollum details a perspective-shifting conversation between a boy and his grandpa.

Artist - Parker McCollum 4
newsBREAKINGParker McCollum Teases New Unreleased Song, ‘Lessons From An Old Man’

The Texas singer-songwriter confirmed that the unreleased track would be featured on his upcoming album.

Another unreleased track that seems set to feature on Never Enough is ‘Tails I Lose’, which the singer-songwriter has teased a couple of times in recent months. It appears this could be track No. 10.

McCollum performed the forlorn ode to unrequited love during an Instagram Live stream late last year, and fans have been asking for the country chart-topper to release it ever since.

Fans are also hoping that ‘Hurricane’ will make the cut for Parker McCollum's new album, with the Austin crooner having performed it during a number of live shows last year. Some are speculating that this could be track No. 1.

When McCollum announced that he'd be releasing a new single on February 17, in the comments section he revealed that the track had already been added to his set-list. Although the single was later revealed to be the endearing ‘I Ain't Going Nowhere’, some fans still suspect that ‘Hurricane’ will be made available ahead of the album release.

The electric, radio-friendly song feels destined to become another hit for McCollum, and would seemingly continue the stormy theme that he introduced with the striking artwork for ‘Stoned’.

Album - Parker McCollum - Stoned

Could this be a hint that some of the songs on the new album will carry a weather-related theme? Hopefully it won't be long before the sun peeks through the clouds of conjecture and offers us some illumination regarding the tracklist.

In addition, McCollum has posted snippets of a series of other unreleased tracks, including one that he heartwarmingly wrote especially for his friend's wedding.

Another of McCollum's 2022 teasers was ‘Have Your Heart Again’, which he sang alongside a piano in September. We're pretty certain this is hiding beneath the ink as the penultimate song on the tracklist.

The vulnerable ballad pivots around a protagonist who's staring ruefully at the life he could be enjoying with the woman he loves, and struggling to accept the realisation that he's missed his chance (“As I kiss you like summer rain / And I shiver when you say me name / And I cling to it 'til the bitter end / If I could have your heart / If I could have your heart again”.

During a recent concert at North Dakota's Fargodome, Parker McCollum also performed the moody ‘Burn It Down’, which appears to be lined up as No. 4 on the album tracklist.

Joining ‘Burn It Down’ at No. 3 on Never Enough could be ‘Things I Never Told You’, another unreleased song that the singer-songwriter has performed at previous shows.

As McCollum continues to tease snippets and clips of unreleased music, fans will be hoping that his March 10 single, ‘Speed’, will be the first of many as his album roll-out picks up pace.

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