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Noah Kahan Joins Post Malone For Live Performance of ‘Dial Drunk’ in Boston

July 24, 2023 9:14 am GMT

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Following the release of their hotly anticipated collaboration, Post Malone surprised fans at his recent Boston, Massachusetts show by bringing out Noah Kahan for a live performance of ‘Dial Drunk’.

Originally appearing as a solo cut on Kahan's acclaimed Stick Season (We'll All Be Here Forever) deluxe album, Post Malone teamed up with Kahan for a remix of ‘Dial Drunk’, which was released earlier in the month.

Since collaborating, the two artists have endearingly become good friends, with Posty praising Kahan in his social media caption as “one of the most talented and beautiful humans on earth”.

@hollercountry The moment Post Malone calls Noah Kahan out on stage for a surprise performance of ‘Dial Drunk’ in Boston 💥 Despite not yet beginning work on his long-awaited and long-speculated country album, Post’s duet with Noah represents a step towards a new sound for the multi-diamond certified, chart-dominating megastar 🌟 #PostMalone #NoahKahan #FolkMalone ♬ original sound - Holler

Although Post Malone often drenches his voice in a variety of electrifying and atmospheric effects when producing music in the studio, he is nonetheless known for his stellar live performances.

The introduction of Noah Kahan into the mix during his Boston set offered Posty the chance to showcase his instrumental and vocal prowess, with the usual backing track being stripped away, leaving only Malone and Kahan with their trusty acoustic guitars.

Despite not yet beginning work on his long-awaited and long-speculated country album, Post Malone's duet with the folk-leaning Noah Kahan represents a step towards a new sound for the multi-Diamond-certified, chart-dominating megastar.

His link-up with Kahan in Boston highlighted this, with their joint performance of ‘Dial Drunk’ signifying a noticeable but refreshing change in tempo compared to the rest of Posty's set.

Post Malone's upcoming album, AUSTIN, which drops this Friday (July 28), is due to feature more live instrumentation and a different sound to what fans have grown accustomed too, as was demonstrated on his balladic recent single, ‘Overdrive’.

Meanwhile, Noah Kahan continues to establish himself as one of the most exciting new voices to emerge out of the country-folk space, with his revamped version of ‘Dial Drunk’ expected to surge up the Billboard Hot 100 in the coming weeks.

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