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Megan Moroney's ‘Tennessee Orange’ Becomes Her First Country Radio No. 1

June 19, 2023 9:51 am GMT

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Megan Moroney has earned her first ever No. 1 at Country Radio with her debut single, ‘Tennessee Orange’. The football-themed ballad has dethroned Morgan Wallen's ‘Last Night’ on the Mediabase chart.

Moroney expressed her excitement at the news by sharing a heartfelt tribute to the song across her socials, “this song has taken me farther than i ever could’ve imagined, God is so good”.

Since releasing ‘Tennessee Orange’ in September 2022, the track's explosion in popularity has propelled Moroney into the country music mainstream, with the up-and-coming Georgia native being included in the prestigious Opry NextStage Class of 2023, as well as being named one of CMT's Next Women of Country 2023, Spotify's 2023 Country Artists to Watch and Holler's 23 New Artists for 2023.

The infectious song was certified Platinum towards the end of April, giving Megan Moroney an additional boost heading into the release of her debut full-length album, Lucky, in May.

‘Tennessee Orange’ tells the endearing story of a Georgia girl who falls for a Tennessee Volunteers fan. The witty love-song opens with Moroney calling her mother, ominously warning her that she has some news, and that it will cause her father to “blow a fuse”.

As the track builds towards the chorus, Moroney seems as though she's about to reveal she's pregnant, before promptly making an announcement that might be even more of a bombshell for her Georgia Bulldogs-supporting father - she's dating a Volunteers fan.

When it was first released, ‘Tennessee Orange’ was given a streaming surge via TikTok, helped by some teasing, cryptic Instagram posts that Megan Moroney shared of her wearing a Volunteers jersey.

Speculation began to spread like virtual wildfire as to who the shirt belonged to, particularly after a certain Morgan Wallen joined the discussion in Moroney's comments section. Megan Moroney later confirmed the jersey belonged to Wallen, which again fuelled the fanfare surrounding ‘Tennessee Orange’.

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To reduce the appeal of ‘Tennessee Orange’ to the publicity around this, though, would overlook the charming, conversational lyricism, the sinuous melody and the clever wordplay that pervades the track, with many tipping it to become a No. 1 months ago.

Now that ‘Tennessee Orange’ has claimed the top spot on the Mediabase country chart, fans will be wondering which track she'll be choosing as her second single from Lucky.

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Written by Maxim Mower
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