Megan Moroney

The country prodigy behind the viral, football-inspired hit, ‘Tennessee Orange’

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The country prodigy behind the viral, football-inspired hit, ‘Tennessee Orange’

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Before Megan Moroney stormed onto the charts with the infectious, endearing ‘Tennessee Orange’, country football anthems were traditionally associated with the muscled-up, beer-chugging bro-country scene.

Moroney's sweet tale of a forbidden, star-crossed romance between a Tennessee Volunteers fan and a Georgia Bulldogs supporter went viral in 2022, and in doing so, announced the artist to the world.

Although the song's success was helped by its muse - a certain country megastar, Morgan Wallen - this shouldn't detract from ‘Tennessee Orange’’s standalone status as a certified earworm with wonderfully intricate and witty songwriting construction.

The Georgia native's musical journey was kickstarted by the 2021 single, ‘Wonder’, which Moroney penned after being booked to open for Chase Rice during her freshman year at University, and being told she needed at least one original song in her set.

The following year, she released the six-song Pistol Made of Roses EP. The EP showcased Moroney's conversational charm and her ability to find lyrics that speak to the younger generation, but that still feel timeless and unquestionably country.

‘Hair Salon’ quickly became a fan-favourite, and on February 11, Megan Moroney performed the small-town ballad during her Grand Ole Opry debut, alongside ‘Tennessee Orange’.

Many have tipped the country prodigy to enjoy a stellar year, with Moroney currently readying her debut album, which will feature both ‘Tennessee Orange’ and her playful, tongue-in-cheek February 2023 single, ‘I'm Not Pretty’.

Underlining her position at the forefront of contemporary country, Spotify named Megan Moroney as one of their 2023 Country Artists to Watch, while CMT included her in their prestigious Next Women of Country 2023 group. Additionally, Holler featured Megan Moroney as one of its 23 New Artists for 2023.

If you haven't already, it's safe to say ‘Megan Moroney’ is a name you'll be hearing a lot in the years to come.