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Megan Moroney Releases Official Video for ‘Tennessee Orange’

January 10, 2023 3:06 pm GMT
Last Edited June 6, 2023 4:58 pm GMT

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Megan Moroney has released the official video for her viral smash hit, ‘Tennesse Orange’, with the singer-songwriter playing the leading role in the visuals for her intricate, heart-warming ballad.

It's safe to say that few would have imagined that Shakespeare's iconic, tragic tale of two lovers from warring tribes could be retold as a football-themed country song.

Even fewer would have imagined that Morgan Wallen and Megan Moroney would be cast as a modern-day Romeo & Juliet.

Even so, ‘Tennessee Orange’ tells the emotive story of Moroney, who comes from a family of die-hard Georgia Bulldogs fans, falling in love with a supporter of their arch rivals, the Tennessee Volunteers.

The song pivots charmingly around the intense rivalry between the two college football teams, which is juxtaposed by the passionate romance between the two protagonists.

The new, accompanying music video gives the viewer the perspective of Moroney's love interest, as we watch her sing karaoke, go on truck rides and don a variety of orange, Tennessee-inspired clothing.

For any lingering One Direction fans, the POV style of Moroney's video will be endearingly reminiscent of the band's visuals for their sweet, loved-up classic, ‘Night Changes’.

During one scene in a traditional American diner, Moroney sits aside a Reserved sign emblazoned with ‘Bernadette & Miss Daisy’.

Given the fact that Bernadette is one of the key characters in Moroney's 2022 single, ‘Hair Salon’, could Bernadette & Miss Daisy be the name of her upcoming album? It certainly seems too pointed a reference not to be a teaser of some kind.

The lyrical keystone, “In Georgia, they call it a sin/I'm wearing Tennessee orange for him”, was the subject of much fanfare, with many speculating that the Volunteers jersey in question belonged to Morgan Wallen.

Wallen stoked the flames, commenting teasingly on Moroney's post, “Did we ever figure out whose shirt this is?” After much intrigue and mystery, Moroney eventually confirmed the song was indeed inspired by Wallen.

Megan Moroney was unquestionably one of the break-out artists of 2022, and the Georgia artist was recently featured as one of Holler's 23 New Artists for 2023.

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