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Luke Combs Releases New Song, ‘Joe’

February 22, 2023 10:05 am GMT
Last Edited June 8, 2023 4:46 pm GMT

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Luke Combs has always been known for the close affinity he has with his loyal ‘Bootleggers’ fanbase.

The country star's latest announcement was a testament to this, as he revealed that a fan-favourite unreleased song, ‘Joe’, would be made available on Friday, February 24.

Once ‘Joe’, which tackles the theme of alcoholism, had been put out into the world, Luke penned a heartfelt message on his socials, outlining the inspiration behind the track.

He emphasised that, despite being known for his rowdy, beer-drenched anthems such as ‘Beer Never Broke My Heart’, he'd always wanted to create a song for those who have struggled with alcohol addiction.

It follows Luke's confirmation that another much-loved demo, ‘Five-Leaf Clover’, will be dropping on St. Patrick's Day.

Fans have been clamouring for its release since he teased it almost two years ago.

‘Joe’ is a classic example of Luke's ability to fuse storytelling depth with a warm, conversational tone, and details a man's recovery from alcoholism as he finds ‘the light at the end of the bottle’.

The North Carolina native first performed ‘Joe’ in 2021 during an appearance at the Grand Ole Opry, with Luke serenading the Nashville crowd with the heartfelt, vulnerable lyrics (“Some battles are fought on foreign shores / Some are fought behind closed doors / Some fall from grace, some lose their wings / Some find the peace salvation brings”).

The ‘Beautiful Crazy’ hitmaker penned ‘Joe’ with Erik Dylan and James Slater, and it's set to appear on his upcoming album, Gettin’ Old.

The project will include a mix of unheard songs, such as ‘Hannah Ford Road’, and ‘My Song Will Never Die’, and previously teased tracks, including the emotional ode to an absent father, ‘See Me Now’.

Luke Combs is gearing up to release Gettin’ Old, which serves as the sequel to 2022's acclaimed album, Growin’ Up, on March 24.

‘Joe’ serves as a clear departure from the beer-drenched anthems that Luke has become known for, and feels perfectly suited to the new project's theme of becoming more mature and ‘Growin’ Up’.

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Written by Maxim Mower
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