Jelly Roll in St.Louis, MO on June 21, 2023 by Laura ord

Jelly Roll Unveils Unreleased Song to the Grand Ole Opry Crowd

April 17, 2024 6:37 pm GMT

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Jelly Roll's Grand Ole Opry performance on Tuesday night (April 16) was filled with the usual suspects as the singer rattling off hits like 'Son of a Sinner,' 'Need A Favor' and 'Save Me.'

But during his showcase at the iconic venue, the star also introduced the audience to one of his unreleased offerings.

“I feel like this is a safe place to play a new song, is that okay with y’all," he asked an already uproarious crowd. "We might not ever release this song. We’re just gonna play it for y’all and see if it works. Is that cool?”

Spectators responded with more applause as the Whitsitt Chapel artist launched into a heated display of a song suspected to be titled 'Liar.'

From the lyrics, the song seems to be another example of the rise-from-the-ashes anthems that have pocked the artist's meteoric rise to fame. "Saying drink another whiskey / Pop another pill / Money makes you happy / Heaven isn’t real / You won’t find nobody to love because your heart’s too broke", he sings in the hard-knocks hymn before erupting into its triumphant chorus.

"Now I know, you ain’t nothing but a liar / Yeah I walk right out that fire / Yeah you try to keep me down / Try to put me underground / I’m only going higher."

On the Opry stage, the tune was an even more impassioned display of Jelly Roll's trademark church-like performances. From a fan-captured video, he can be seen owning the legendary circle with arms raised and head held high.

Little is known about this unreleased track, including when or if it will ever get a release, but from the look of the show, Jelly Roll treated the Opry crowd to one unforgettable moment.

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Written by Alli Patton
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Jelly Roll in St.Louis, MO on June 21, 2023 by Laura ord

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