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Ernest Brings Out Morgan Wallen for Surprise Performance of ‘Flower Shops’ at Nashville's WhiskeyFest

September 5, 2023 9:20 am GMT

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Ernest surprised the WhiskeyFest crowd in Nashville by bringing out Morgan Wallen for a performance of ‘Flower Shops’.

When the WhiskeyFest ‘Losers 19th Birthday Party’ line-up was announced, the organisers confirmed that a ‘Special Guest’ would be making an appearance.

However, few suspected this would turn out to be the biggest name in modern country music, Morgan Wallen, with the packed-out crowd being whipped up into a frenzy as he emerged onto the stage.

The sea of screams prompted the duo to halt the song momentarily, before Wallen picked it back up for the second verse alongside Ernest's smooth harmonies and gentle strumming.

‘Flower Shops’ was released in 2021 ahead of Ernest's album of the same name, and the heartbroken, introspective ballad remains one of the Nashville songsmith's most popular tracks to date.

Ernest is currently supporting Wallen on his One Night At A Time world tour, with the two set to perform at Moline, Illinois and Lincoln, Nebraska this weekend.

@hollercountry The moment Ernest brings his son on stage to sing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ with him 🥹 #ernest #Holler ♬ original sound - Holler

It's become tradition for Ernest to join his good buddy and ‘Flower Shops’ collaborator during his headline set, with the two then performing their beat-driven duet, ‘Cowgirls’, from Morgan Wallen's acclaimed 2023 record, One Thing At A Time.

With the two artists once again taking the stage together at WhiskeyFest, fans will no doubt be hoping it won't be long before they hit the studio to record another electrifying collaboration.

Speaking to Holler earlier in the summer, Ernest teased the possibility of a new joint song - and it's safe to say we're hoping this happens sooner rather than later.

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