Ernest is a classic country singer with a voice so mellow, it would be hard to believe that he started his career as a rapper.

Artist - Ernest

Ernest is a classic country singer with a voice so mellow, it would be hard to believe that he started his career as a rapper.

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When you hear Ernest's mellow, honeyed vocals, it's hard to believe that he started off his musical career as a rapper. On his 2021 smash hit, ‘Flower Shops’, he has his boots planted firmly in classic country terra firma - but to get there, it’s safe to say that Ernest eschewed the traditional pathway in favour of the scenic route.

The stylistic influences that have shaped Ernest’s chart-topping sound are hugely varied, and they emerge like easter eggs hidden amidst the steel guitars and layered drawl. From his moody, EDM collaboration with Diplo, ‘Bottle’s Bout Dead’, to the retro, Hailey Whitters-assisted tribute to Dolly and Kenny, ‘Islands in the Stream’, Ernest regularly showcases his diverse musical palette.

Ernest’s creative dexterity is clearest when examining his illustrious songwriting track record, having penned hits for a range of country stars. These include Florida Georgia Line (‘I Love My Country’), Sam Hunt (‘Breaking Up Was Easy in the 90’s’), Kane Brown (‘One Mississippi’, ‘Memory’), Thomas Rhett (‘Church Boots’, ‘Paradise’), Chris Lane (‘Big, Big Plans’) and Jelly Roll (‘Son Of A Sinner’).

Ernest has been particularly prolific when writing for his good buddy, Morgan Wallen, having helped to create ‘You Proof’, ‘More Than My Hometown’, ‘Dangerous’, ‘Broadway Girls’ and numerous other hits. With HARDY, the hugely popular trio are considered by many to be the tastemakers of today’s country music scene.

His first solo project, 2019’s Locals Only, was a romantic, beachside getaway, with the tropical setting reflecting the paradisal relationship that Ernest celebrates on the record. Highlights such as ‘I Think I Love You’, ‘Sugar’ and ‘All We Need’ helped to build a burgeoning following for the Nashville native.

While some suspected that Ernest would double down on this Buffettian, Gulf and Western sound, at the end of 2021 he shifted gears and dropped his biggest hit to date, ‘Flower Shops’. The Morgan Wallen collaboration felt like the kind of song George Jones would record if he was part of today’s generation of artists, and it marked a clear departure from the idyllic shores of Locals Only. ‘Flower Shops’ went Platinum in November 2022.

The project that soon followed, Flower Shops: The Album, built out this troubled, heartbroken persona, spawning fan-favourites such as ‘Comfortable When I’m Crazy’, ‘Feet Wanna Run’ and ‘What It’s Come To’.

In December 2022, Ernest confirmed that he would be releasing two new singles, ‘Miss That Girl’ and ‘Unhang The Moon’.