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HARDY Says Collaboration With Morgan Wallen And Ernest "Will Happen"

December 6, 2022 12:40 pm GMT
Last Edited June 6, 2023 11:35 am GMT

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Mississippi country-rocker HARDY confirmed yesterday (12/5) that he will release a song with Morgan Wallen and Ernest.

To date, various incarnations of the influential trio have partnered up, with Ernest and Wallen producing the hit single, ‘Flower Shops’, while HARDY and Wallen have joined forces on a handful of HIXTAPE tracks.

HARDY has also tapped Wallen for ‘red’, from his upcoming album, the mockingbird & THE CROW.

The artists have also written a host of multiple Platinum songs together, with all three receiving a credit on Wallen's ‘More Than My Hometown’.

Given this, it's perhaps surprising to hear that HARDY, Wallen and Ernest are yet to put out a song that features all three of them.

Holler asked HARDY whether a collaboration with Morgan Wallen and Ernest would ever be on the cards; “Yeah definitely - I kind of can't believe we haven't done that yet. But it's definitely going to happen”.

HARDY stressed that a song or project is “not technically in the works yet”, but that the three of them write together for so many projects that there would be a host of upcoming opportunities.

“I can't wait for it...I feel like the three of us are doing something really cool, both together and separately. We've got to do a song together”.

Earlier in the year, HARDY teamed up with Ernest for a special performance at the 2022 ACM Honors.

The duo performed a medley of Morgan Wallen's hits to pay tribute to their Knoxvillian buddy, who was being awarded with the ACM Milestone Award.

Wallen returned the favour on the same evening by playing HARDY's ‘A ROCK’, and spoke warmly about their long-time friendship.

Ahead of his diverse, rock-infused the mockingbird & THE CROW release on January 20, HARDY went on to suggest that fans have not seen the last of his wildly popular HIXTAPE series.

After a stellar second HIXTAPE instalment, which spawned raucous, anthemic tracks such as ‘Beer With My Buddies’, ‘WD-40 4WD’ and ‘Drink Up’, HARDY confirmed to Holler, “The door is always open for HIXTAPE, man. HIXTAPE will live forever”.

HARDY was recently unveiled as being part of Morgan Wallen's 2023 world tour, which kicks off in New Zealand on March 15.

While we're still waiting for news of a UK tour, HARDY underlined that he was keen to make the trip across the pond sooner rather than later.

“I so badly want to go, and I really hope I get to come soon...I've heard it's different over there, man, and that crowds react differently and people are really listening.”

There was a sense of determination laced into his conclusion, “Maybe, possibly next year - but if not in 2023, then we're coming in 2024”.

HARDY's the mockingbird & THE CROW is out on January 20.

For more on HARDY, see below:

Written by Maxim Mower
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