The Watson Twins for Holler Pilgrimage Sessions by Laura Ord

Holler Pilgrimage Sessions Presented by George Dickel: The Watson Twins

October 24, 2023 4:22 pm GMT

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Holler Pilgrimage Sessions Presented By George Dickel: The Watson Twins


'The Palace'

'Never Be Another You'


It's safe to say, here at Holler, we're big fans of The Watson Twins. Now sure, their latest album may share a thing or two in common with your favourite publication, but does that make us biased? Heck no! We can't get enough of their lofty harmonies and enduring songwriting that has had Holler remain on the office stereo since it's release in June.

So upon welcoming them to the George Dickel Tent for the Holler Pilgrimage sessions, were we in for a treat when we found out they'd brought an ol' buddy along... Aaron Lee Tasjan! Joining the duo for their session on the trusty acoustic guitar, the trio certainly delivered something special.

"For any of those who love a good honky tonk, this is about the Nashville Palace", Chandra says as the duo introduce their first song, 'The Palace'.

A fun-time reverie that's determined to wash away the heart break blues with a tall boy and a double shot to chase, the twins ensure that all your cares are a million miles away when you enter the palace. It's a breezy and celebratory way to kick off their session, Chandra and Aaron playfully ringing the major chords with knowing winks as the duo's harmonies soar through our very own bar.

"This next song is called 'Never Be Another You', and it's about that person you just can't shake', Leigh explains. It's a poignant and pertinent title for this soulful, 70s songwriter-esque number, the pair lingering on the line "this love is an addiction" as they deliver a worldly declaration of affection that doesn't hide any of it's grief in that same ol' heartbreak.

"This one is the title track of our new record, and we hope you enjoy it. This one's for Holler Country", Leigh kindly dedicates as the trio get the hymnbook out for their new anthem, 'Holler'. A reverie that washes away your fears and empowers you to take on any hurdles that stands in your way head first, it'll have you jumping out of your chair and hollering to the skies in delight as Tasjan rips a nifty solo to close.

This is The Watson Twins and Aaron Lee Tasjan for the Holler Pilgrimage Sessions, performing their songs 'The Palace', 'Never Be Another You' and 'Holler'.

Holler Pilgrimage Sessions Team

Director: Bradley Wagner

Cameras: Bradley Wagner

Audio Engineer and Sound Editor: Juan Soria

Editor: Bradley Wagner (I Know We Should)

Producer: Ross Jones


Written by Ross Jones