Boy Named Banjo for the Holler Pilgrimage Sessions by Laura Ord

Holler Pilgrimage Sessions Presented by George Dickel: Boy Named Banjo

October 20, 2023 10:31 am GMT

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Holler Pilgrimage Sessions Presented By George Dickel: Boy Named Banjo


'Lonely In This Town'

'Feel For You'

What better way to kick off the Holler Pilgrimage Sessions Presented By George Dickel than with one of country's finest and fast rising groups, Boy Named Banjo!

The sound of guitars being tuned and steel guitars and banjos being playfully picked fills the air in the George Dickel Bar, as preparations begin for the group's Holler Live Session at Pilgrimage Festival 2023. It's a fantastic time to catch the band - with the release of their much-anticipated major label debut Dusk in September, the band are in a celebratory mood - and what better way to do that then stripping everything back and performing these songs in a new, unique way.

"I think [this song] is best enjoyed with the windows down, on a cool sunny day driving around town", banjo player and vocalist of the band, Barton Davies, explains while introducing the group's first song, 'Lonely In This Town'.

His description may seem strange upon listening, but it actually suits it beautifully. upon reflection. The song lingers in the twilight of a summer romance, as guitarist and vocalist William Reames sings of slow-passing landmarks and fading memories of the sadly-ended relationship. The band's harmonies pleasingly loiter rather than haunt the performance, as Reames' gruff and gravelly vocal embodies the heartbreak that now taints each favourite spot or lasting memory of the love that's sadly passed.

"This is a good old fashioned love song" Davies explains as he introduces the band's next song, 'Feel For You'. "We really love playing this one, we hope you like it too". The song's deliberate and measured build-up all pays off with it's evocative and soaring chorus; the whole group belting out the words at the top of their voices to remind us that sometimes, there's little words you can say to express how strongly you feel for someone.

A wonderful display of their ability both live and in songwriting, Boy Named Banjo are an affecting and powerful group, who should be on everyone's Ones To Watch List from this point forward.

Holler Pilgrimage Sessions Team

Director: Bradley Wagner

Cameras: Bradley Wagner

Audio Engineer and Sound Editor: Juan Soria

Editor: Bradley Wagner (I Know We Should)

Producer: Ross Jones


Written by Ross Jones, Images by Laura Ord