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Holler Live Sessions: Drake Milligan

September 1, 2023 9:31 am GMT

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Holler Live Sessions: Drake Milligan


'Kiss Goodbye All Night'

'Don't Look Down'

'Sounds Like Something I'd Do'

In the last couple of years, a wave of exciting neo-traditional acts have emerged, bringing them with an arsenal of sure-fire hits that have country fans square-dancing over some Miller High Lifes till the mornin' breaks.

At the forefront is a certain gentleman by the name of Mr Drake Milligan. He's bringing this honky tonk strain of neo-traditional country to the forefront of the genre, delivering standout records and getting live crowds dancing across various festivals and headline dates.

The 25-year-old Texan has become famed for his delectable mix of Elvis and Roy Orbison charm and Garth and George country sensibility, which has coalesced into his straight banger of a debut double album, Dallas / Forth Worth.

With not a single misstep in sight, Milligan has ventured across the pond for his first Holler Live Session, delivering some of his biggest hits to date in a stripped-back setting.

Kicking off with album highlight 'Kiss Goodbye All Night', Milligan's love drunk lyricism goes down like honey when paired with a Strait country-esque melody like this. The syrupy sentiment of the lyricism is laminated with a natural cool, Milligan shuffling side to side on his stool as he sinks into the performance.

'This song was really inspired by some of my heroes like Elvis, Roy Orbison and some of that music from the '50s". Milligan explains as he introduces his his second song, 'Don't Look Down'.

A slow-burning pirouette that wouldn't be lost in Midland's discography, it's an endearing love song that twirls in the very moment; evoking the excitement and nervousness of the first sparks of love as two lovers touch on the dance floor for the first time.

Closing out with the barnstorming 'Sounds Like Something I'd Do', Milligan cements just why everyones getting caught up in a tizzy about this exciting young artist. The song is an unadulterated bop - straight from the late 80s country school of boot-scootin' harmony. It warrants the celebratory whoops from those in the attendance, and certainly from you watching at home.

Performing his songs 'Kiss Goodbye All Night', 'Don't Look Down' and 'Sounds Like Something I'd Do', this is Drake Milligan for the Holler Live Sessions.

Holler Live Sessions Team

Director: Tom Francome

Cameras: Tom Francome, Nick Richards and Joe Monk

Audio Engineer: Nathaniel Kastoryano

Editor: Dan Monro (Lookout Productions)

Producers: Ross Jones & Gemma Donahoe

Written by Ross Jones
Author - Drake Milligan
Drake Milligan