Catie Offerman at Holler Live Sessions by Joe Monk

Holler Live Sessions: Catie Offerman

June 19, 2023 1:34 pm GMT
Last Edited June 22, 2023 11:16 pm GMT

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Holler Live Sessions: Catie Offerman


'Ok Cowboy'

'I Just Killed A Man'

"I'm hanging out at the pub with Holler, having a good ol time" Catie Offerman laughs as she introduces herself at the beginning of her Holler Live Session.

The first thing you'll observe about the Texan native is that the bubbly, witty charm that comes across in her music is no character acting - it permeates through her, her at-ease breeziness bleeding into not only the way she performs, but how she writes songs in the first place.

A technically deft musician, Offerman has reached that next level of being able to evolve her ability into producing captivating and emotionally layered songs.

If you took the happy-go-lucky sentimentality of George Strait's more affable moments and mixed it with Sheryl Crow and Shania Twain's free-wheeling shrewdness in lyricism, you'll just begin to scratch the surface of understanding Offerman's style.

"I'm from Texas; where I'm from, we've got a lot of cowboys, so it's only fitting that I sing this song" Catie Offerman explains ahead of performing 'Ok Cowboy', the first song of her Holler Live Session. It's an unquestionably sharp and cool kiss off of a song, as Offerman lets the stetson-wearing rodeo king know this ain't her first rodeo.

It's the way Offerman weaves her keen lyricism into such warm-hearted melodies that really hits home, and it's no different when she approaches heartbreak.

By it's title, Offerman's latest single, 'I Just Killed A Man', may sound like a mid-2000s murder ballad in the key of Earl, but it's actually a crushing admission of knowing you're going to break someone's heart by ending things. Even though Offerman hasn't killed someone, that hurt is still going to weigh on her shoulders, even though it's for the best.

"It doesn't matter what side of the world you live on, we've all either broken up or been broken up with, and this is just another way of saying it". That matter of fact self-awareness belies just how enveloping Offerman's songwriting really is, and in the intimate setting of her Holler Live Session, it's on display for us all to enjoy.

Performing her songs 'Ok Cowboy' and 'I Just Killed A Man', this is Catie Offerman for the Holler Live Sessions.

Holler Live Sessions Team

Director: Dan Monro

Cameras: Dan Monro, Tom Francome, Nick Richards and Joe Monk

Audio Engineer and Sound Editor: Nathaniel Kastoryano

Editor: Dan Monro (Lookout Productions)

Producers: Ross Jones & Gemma Donahoe

Written by Ross Jones