American Hustler

Holler Dreamy Draw Sessions: American Hustler

February 7, 2024 12:47 pm GMT

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Holler Dreamy Draw Sessions: American Hustler


'Hung Buffalo'

'Rollin' Stoned'

'Ville of Nash'

Here at Holler, we're partial to a spoonful of rock n roll in our cup of country.

If the idea of Gram Parsons and Keith Richards jamming in French chateaus also floats your boat, then American Hustler could be your new favourite find.

Joining us for their Holler Dreamy Draw Session, the duo of Nate Barrett and C.J. May plug in their electric guitars and skulk into something meaty and alluring.

"It's about being more hung than a hung buffalo" Nate smirks as the duo slink into the harmonica-led blues of their first track. They're a little cheeky and rambunctious, something that fits the vibe of their music - scratchy, grooving and a little rough around the edges.

"This is the first one we ever released, and it's just about rock n roll" Nate explains as he introduces 'Rollin' Stoned'. Ripping into nifty little dual riffs, there's no hungover stupor in sight - the pair channeling the cool looseness of their inspirations into something snappy and captivating.

"This is about a little trip we took to Nashville last year" Nate confirms, introducing their final track 'The Ville of Nash'. Once again leading off CJ's hazy harmonica, the duo create something sultry and sweltering as they run low on cash with the southern belles and country girls down on broadway. Whether it's a comment on the immorality of Music City is for you to decide.

American Hustler offer something a little more electrified than our traditional stripped-back fare, persuading us to join them on the American highways of hedonistic debauchery. We thoroughly recommend you jump in for the ride.

Holler Dreamy Draw Sessions Team

Director: Connor Kenrick

Cameras: Connor Kenrick, Megell Strayhorn and David Navarrete

Audio Engineer: Norbert (Dreamy Draw Festival / Oh Wow Company)

Editor: Dan Monro (Lookout Productions)

Producer: Ross Jones

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Written by Ross Jones