Will Worden press photo with a guitar

Holler Dreamy Draw Session: Will Worden

February 28, 2024 11:23 am GMT

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Holler Dreamy Draw Sessions: Will Worden



'One Foot Out the Door'

Sonic escapism comes in many shapes and forms. Whether you're looking to disappear off into the sunset of a classic cowboy ballad, jet away to the tropical, sandy beaches of a laid-back, Gulf and Western jam or lose yourself in the simpler, rose-tinted times of a retro anthem, we all need a break from reality from time to time.

Will Worden and his swaggering three-piece band offer up an irresistible example of the latter, with the fast-emerging artist's Holler Dreamy Draw Session capturing the alluringly sepia-tinged ambience Worden constructs throughout his music.

The slightly distorted shadows cast by the ethereal lighting, coupled with the 70s-inspired furniture and attire, the setting accentuates the otherworldly feel of the set.

Launching into one of his only two released songs, ‘Moonlit’, the sauntering bass coalesces with Will Worden's rugged, charismatic vocals to produce a bluesy toe-tapper.

While the deliberate, slow-burning ‘Moonlit’ leaves the instrumentation room to breathe, ‘One Foot Out the Door’ showcases a completely different side to Worden's artistry. His commanding delivery floats jauntily across the lively, uptempo accompaniment, with each band-member lacing a sense of joviality into every note.

Boasting an impressive array of session credits that includes Lana Del Rey's ‘Candy Necklace’, underpinning each track is a deep-seated appreciation for the subtle flourishes and virtuoso displays that set his wonderfully old-timey sound apart.

Will Worden's session, recorded during his time at Dreamy Draw Festival in Scottsdale, Arizona, will undoubtedly whet fans’ appetites ahead of his upcoming debut record, with the Texan expected to drop the hotly anticipated project later this year.

Holler Dreamy Draw Sessions Team

Director: Connor Kenrick

Cameras: Connor Kenrick, Megell Strayhorn and David Navarrete

Audio Engineer: Norbert (Dreamy Draw Festival / Oh Wow Company)

Editor: Dan Monro (Lookout Productions)

Producer: Ross Jones

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Written by Maxim Mower