The Best New Country Artists 2021 Playlist

From "Sober & Skinny" by Brittney Spencer to "Holding Out For A Cowboy" by Clare Dunn, here's Holler's playlist of the best new country artists.

Holler Country Music

From "Sober & Skinny" by Brittney Spencer to "Holding Out For A Cowboy" by Clare Dunn, here's Holler's playlist of the best new country artists.

November 26, 2021 8:00 am GMT
Last Edited June 29, 2023 11:01 am GMT

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At Holler, we pride ourselves on presenting you with the freshest and most exciting new artists coming onto the scene in the country, Americana and roots landscape.

Whether it be high-rising country charters or authentic Americana acts, you are bound to find your new favourite stars with Holler.

This week, Leon Timbo is our featured cover artist. He caught up with Marcus Dowling to reflect on the experiences highlighted on his EP Lovers and Fools, as well as his theories on creativity, artistic growth and iconic Black musicians who are evolving Americana as a musical space.

Read our full Introducing feature with Leon here.

Alongside Leon, check out recent tunes from Margo Cilker, Grayson Jenkins and more:

  1. Sober & Skinny

    Brittney Spencer

  2. Country Roads

    Elvie Shane

  3. Why Can't I Leave

    Connor Smith

  4. Cowboy

    Callie Twisselman

  5. Joshua Tree

    Ruthie Collins

  6. Imogene

    Gabe Lee

  7. Coalshooter

    Cole Chaney

  8. Big Time

    Abby Hamilton

  9. Chance In Hell (With Jim Cuddy)

    Bobby Dove

  10. Lovers And Fools (With Torri Anne & MrJrome)

    Leon Timbo

  11. Love's Not Supposed To Hurt (Sam Mitchem & Jordan Gaines)

    Leon Timbo

  12. Tehachapi

    Margo Cilker

  13. That River

    Margo Cilker

  14. Nowhere Nights

    Grayson Jenkins

  15. Low Down Lady

    Grayson Jenkins

  16. Mind On You

    George Birge

  17. Baby Don't

    Paige King Johnson

  18. First Time Feeling

    Leah Blevins

  19. Little Birds

    Leah Blevins

  20. Wild

    Shy Carter

  21. Orb Weaver

    Natalie Jane Hill

  22. Honky Damn Tonk

    Wyatt McCubbin

  23. I Am Wild


  24. Town's End (With Jake Blount)

    George Jackson

  25. Til' Your Heart Breaks

    June N Joey

  26. Strawberry Blonde

    Holly Clausius

  27. Best Of Me

    Jane Bruce

  28. Old Gods

    Emily Scott Robinson

  29. Cheap Seats

    Emily Scott Robinson

  30. Game For Guessing (Feat. Robert Ellis)

    Zachery Williams

  31. I Quit Drinking

    Alana Springsteen

  32. Back To Where We've Been

    Colebrook Road

  33. Hurtin' For A Letdown

    The Whitmore Sisters

  34. I'll Keep The Country

    Dylan Marlowe

  35. Dropped

    Jillian Cadarelli

  36. Fire Season

    William Russell Wallace

  37. High On You

    Kaylee Rose

  38. I Ain't Got You

    Century Drive

  39. Sugar In The Creek

    Bendigo Fletcher

  40. Evergreen

    Bendigo Fletcher

  41. Falling

    Kelsey Hunter

  42. Love My Neighbour

    Cole Ray

  43. The Worst Thing


  44. It's Fucked Up (With Amy Ray)

    Gregory Dwane

  45. Small Town Minds

    Katie Frank

  46. Summer Storm For Charlotte


  47. Lost & Lonesome

    Buffalo Nichols

  48. Dyan

    Le Ren

  49. When I'm Gone

    Abby Bryant & The Echoes

  50. All I Ever Do

    Great Peacock

  51. High Wind

    Great Peacock

  52. On My Way To See Nancy

    Laurel Premo

  53. Jacket On

    Mike Ryan

  54. Bluebirds And Rye

    Kate Ellis

  55. Backroads

    Thomas Csorba

  56. Happy In This Bar

    Halle Kearns

  57. Further

    Dwight & Nicole

  58. Having It All

    Claire Wright

  59. Your Love's Working Me To The Bone

    Phillip-Michael Scales

  60. Rhinestone Ring

    Abbey Cone

  61. Mood

    Erin Grand

  62. Our Love Is Done

    Hannah Juanita

  63. Love Like Yours

    Hannah Juanita

  64. Celebrating (With Sarah McKearney)

    Kyle McKearney

  65. A Feeling I Once Knew

    Micki Balder

  66. Catalyst


  67. Full Cup

    Juliana Riccardi

  68. River Run

    Jordan Tice

  69. Falcon's Wing


  70. Girl Talk

    Emilia Quinn

  71. Come Clean

    Katie Frank

  72. Highway Will

    Taylor McCall

  73. So Damn Lucky

    Taylor McCall

  74. Whistling Tree

    Haunted Like Human

  75. Guilty

    O.N.E The Duo

  76. Face Down In The Dirt

    Cabin Boys

  77. Frankie And Albert

    Nora Brown

  78. Let It Slide

    Tony Kamel

  79. Call It A Day

    Leon Creek

  80. Abilene

    Jackson Melnick

  81. Never Thought Of You

    Wesley Dean

  82. Holding Out For A Cowboy

    Clare Dunn

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Written by Jof Owen