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Featured Artist: Zach Bryan

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Featured Artist: Zach Bryan

May 24, 2024 7:22 am GMT

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We’ve got a long weekend ahead, so we’ve added a few extra songs to this week’s Best New Country playlist to keep you going all the way through to Memorial Day on Monday.

This week’s cover star is Zach Bryan, who releases his fittingly poignant new single, the fan-favourite ‘Pink Skies (Eulogy).’ Similarly to fan-favourites ‘Sweet DeAnn’, ‘Dawns’ and ‘November Air’, ‘Pink Skies’ appeared at first to have been written about Zach's late mother, Annette DeAnn, who died in 2016.

He later clarified via X (formerly Twitter) that ‘Pink Skies’ is not about DeAnn.

“Pink Skies wasn’t inspired by my story," he wrote. "Everytime I sing about someone dying people assume it’s about my mom, this definitely was not. I just think all the dynamics in families are beautiful and interesting and generationally it’s a really cool thing”.

Revealing the release during the first of his two homecoming shows in Oklahoma City, Bryan also confirmed his new album, The Great American Bar Scene, will be out later this year.

After popping up on Orville Peck’s Stampede: Vol 1 earlier in the month, Midland are back in Best New Country again this week as they give us their first taste of their collaboration with GRAMMY-winning producer Dave Cobb. ‘Old Fashioned Feeling’ is a melancholic reflection of an intoxicating relationship, steeped in smoke and served with a dash of bitters.

“Sometimes it feels good to go for a swim in the Blues, have a sip of that fiery nostalgia and live in the memory of something that was once so sweet that’s now turned bitter. Lose yourself in this Classic Country cup of 80 proof soul with a back beat,” explains Midland. “It's the sound of every dingy neon hazed bar room where you go to hide in plain sight.”

Watch the official video for ‘Old Fashioned Feeling’ directed by Harper Smith below.

Also produced by Dave Cobb, Red Clay Strays release the first single from their forthcoming album, Made by These Moments, as they look to replicate the success of their breakthrough single ‘Wondering Why’ with their first project since signing to RCA Records earlier this year.

Lauren Watkins teases more of her forthcoming debut full length, The Heartbroken Record, ahead of its June 21st release with ‘Settling Things’ and 49 Winchester drop ‘Fast Asleep’ and give us another sneak peek at their hotly anticipated new album.

“This tune is an emotional sledgehammer,” Isaac Gibson says. “I wrote it when I was 19 years old, as one of the very first 49 Winchester songs. We used to play it live, back in those earliest days, but it somehow worked its way out of the setlist. We knew it was still a great song and wanted to breathe new life into it, and I think we achieved that. It features the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, and the sounds they were able to capture really add a lot to this track. The pedal steel on the chorus is some of my favorite work on the record from Noah.”

Ex-marine and outlaw country legend Jamey Johnson releases the poignant ’21 Guns,’ a tribute to those men and women who have lost their lives in military service.

“I wrote it because I have gone to too many funerals of Marines I served with that were just too young,” Johnson wrote in a post on his socials. “When they die young, you always remember them that way, which is unfair. Guys that heroic that die that young deserve the right to grow old and they didn’t get to. But it is also being at those funerals and seeing their parents who seem much too young to have a child die in that way and wondering what must be going through their minds. This song is the answer to that question.”

’21 Guns’ is also included on our Holler playlist of The Best Country Songs for Memorial Day.

Chase Bryant shares the lead single from his upcoming EP, Cayo del Grullo, coming out in August. He taps up his longtime friend and country hitmaker Jake Owen to join him on ‘Where The Good Ones Go’ as they ponder life’s ultimate question.

“Jake Owen has always been one of my best buds in this industry,” says Chase Bryant. “Jake was one of the first people on the planet to reach out to me when I was struggling with my mental health journey and has always been there for me to just listen and be a friend! This song is special to me in so many ways. I couldn’t imagine there being a more perfect person to sing it with than Jake.”

‘Where The Good Ones Go’ is Bryant’s first preview of his upcoming EP named after his favourite place in the world. Cayo del Grullo is a part of Baffin Bay not far from his grandparents’ family farm. Bryant grew up visiting his grandparents in that South Texas house, and had the opportunity to move there during the pandemic where he created his first professional studio in their old pool house. With the help of his fellow Texan and friend Jon Randall and his longtime engineer Casey Wood, the EP was born in that very studio, capturing all the lifelong memories that the home brings.

Sheyna Gee throws back to a time when Patsy Cline ruled the airwaves as she paints a vivid picture of love and loss on her dreamy new single ‘Blue.’

“Hannah Huntley and I actually wrote this song ‘Cowgirl Blues’ and the day we wrote it I woke up in the middle of the night and completely changed the chorus to what you hear on the record,” Sheyna Gee told us. “It’s one of those songs that just comes to you in a dream and the producer and I really tried to capture the dreaminess in the production. Blue is more than just a song - it's an experience.”

Hailing from Kenansville, NC, cowboy troubadour Wesko marks his signing with Warner Records/Underscore Works Recordings with the release of his debut EP. A country maverick with a knack for “real cowboy tunes,” as he calls them, Wesko is inspired by everyone from Neil Young and Eric Church to My Chemical Romance and Green Day, and we’ve got the title track of the Lost Boys EP included in today’s playlist.

Bailey Zimmerman gives us ‘Hell or High Water’ another song from what’s fast looking like being the soundtrack of the summer, TWISTERS: THE ALBUM, which also features contributions from Luke Combs, Miranda Lambert, Jelly Roll, Lainey Wilson, Bailey Zimmerman, Kane Brown, Thomas Rhett, Megan Moroney, Shania Twain, Red Clay Strays Tyler Childers andmany more.

"Whatever is going on in y’all’s life, I just hope this song gives you a sense of peace and hope because it does get better,” says Zimmerman, “God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers. And to those of y'all that are on the greener side of the battle, I hope this song makes you realize it was only high water."

Also set to appear on the TWISTERS soundtrack, breakout Country sensation Tucker Wetmore follows up his back-to-back Billboard Hot 100 charting hits ‘Wine Into Whiskey’ and ‘Wind Up Missin’ You’ with his no doubt soon to be viral new single, ‘What Would You Do?’

Perhaps inspired by the scene in Love Actually when Karen confronts Harry about the necklace at the school play, ‘What Would You Do?’ is a twangy, modern take on a no-good two-timer, blending traditional country elements with a dynamic 808 beat, co-written by Tucker with Jacob Hackworth, Jaxson Free and Gabe Foust, as they delve into themes of suspicion and doubt in a relationship, where the narrator questions the sincerity of their partner's actions.

Eli Winders’ girlfriend has every reason to be worried when it comes to his fidelity it seems. It turns out all those songs she thought he was writing about her were actually love songs about a completely different person altogether. He finally comes clean on his new single ‘Another Love.’

The big question is, “Would you wait around to find out if it's just a necklace, or if it's sex and a necklace, or if, worst of all, it's a necklace and love? Would you stay… knowing life would always be a little bit worse? Or would you cut and run?”

Elsewhere in this week’s Best New Country we've got new ones from Travis Denning, Owen Riegling, Jesse Daniel, Lathan Bryant, Zach John King, Remy Garrison and Bruce Springsteen even pops up on the new Joe Ely single.

Enjoy the long weekend if you get to have one.

Check out this week's new country song releases and listen to the full playlist below:

  1. 1.

    Pink Skies

    Zach Bryan

  2. 2.

    Old Fashioned Feeling


  3. 3.

    Settling Things

    Lauren Watkins

  4. 4.

    Fast Asleep

    49 Winchester

  5. 5.

    What Would You Do?

    Tucker Wetmore

  6. 6.

    Wanna Be Loved

    The Red Clay Strays

  7. 7.

    Hell or High Water

    Bailey Zimmerman

  8. 8.


    Sheyna Gee

  9. 9.

    Lost Boys


  10. 10.

    21 Guns

    Jamey Johnson

  11. 11.

    Southern Rock

    Travis Denning and HARDY

  12. 12.

    Let Me Let You


  13. 13.

    Think I'm In Love With You (with Dua Lipa)

    Chris Stapleton

  14. 14.


    Owen Riegling

  15. 15.

    Where The Good Ones Go (feat. Jake Owen)

    Chase Bryant

  16. 16.

    That's My Kind of Country

    Jesse Daniel

  17. 17.

    Another Love

    Eli Winders

  18. 18.

    Mountains and Miller

    Lanie Gardner

  19. 19.

    Really Don't Love Me

    Vincent Mason

  20. 20.


    Harper Grace

  21. 21.

    The Winner

    Lathan Bryant

  22. 22.

    You Go I Go

    Adam Doleac

  23. 23.

    Get It Girl

    Remy Garrison

  24. 24.

    Tore Up

    Eddie And The Getaway

  25. 25.

    The Way I See You

    Zach John King

  26. 26.

    Come Back

    Jade Jackson

  27. 27.

    Summer Down South (feat. The Cadillac Three)

    Kyle Daniel

  28. 28.

    Beach Chair

    Uncle Kracker

  29. 29.

    Odds of the Blues (feat. Bruce Springsteen)

    Joe Ely

  30. 30.

    Father's Son

    Brent Morgan

  31. 31.

    This Mess

    Britnee Kellogg

  32. 32.

    Drunk On You

    Marley Hale

  33. 33.


    Cody Hibbard

  34. 34.

    What I Got


  35. 35.

    A Real Man


  36. 36.



  37. 37.

    Whiskey For The Wine

    Lil Man J

  38. 38.

    You'll Know Where To Find Me

    El Ray and Skrizzly Adams

  39. 39.


    Louie TheSinger

  40. 40.


    Colin Stough

  41. 41.

    8th Day

    Haley Mae Campbell

  42. 42.

    Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Truck

    Tim & The Glory Boys

  43. 43.

    Rebel Runs Deep

    Ryan Jesse

  44. 44.

    Leave Your Leaving Behind

    Walker Montgomery

  45. 45.

    Band On Her T-Shirt

    The Washboard Union

  46. 46.

    i wish u could hate me (feat. Dylan Wheeler)

    Holly Beth

  47. 47.

    Belle of the Bar

    Brinley Addington

  48. 48.

    Nothin' But Neon

    Tayler Holder

  49. 49.

    Live Fast Die Pretty

    Kayley Green

  50. 50.

    Rifle Left Behind

    The Swon Brothers

  51. 51.

    End of the Road

    Taylor Jensen

  52. 52.

    Come Back To Me

    Kim Richey

  53. 53.

    Picnic Table


  54. 54.

    Boat Digger

    Taylor Goyette

  55. 55.

    Broke Down

    Jayce Turley

  56. 56.

    Never Have I Ever

    Kerri Watt

  57. 57.

    Heartbreaking Business

    Becca Bowen

  58. 58.

    Wake Up Happy

    Amy Jack

  59. 59.

    What's Mine

    Stella Prince

  60. 60.

    I'm A Lucky Loser

    Jim Lauderdale

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