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Featured Artist: Maggie Antone

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Featured Artist: Maggie Antone

July 19, 2024 6:17 am GMT

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It’s finally Friday! And just like George Jones we’re revving up our motors again for a wild weekend. It’s time to forget the workin' blues and let the good times roll with another of our roundups of all the best new country and Americana releases this week.

This week’s Best New Country cover star is Maggie Antone. One of our most cherished 10 Artists You Need To Know alumni, the Virginia native drops the title track to her debut album, Rhinestoned, due out on her own Big Love label in August and we have fallen hard for the delightfully woozy country stoner anthem.

“They call her a loner / busking her ass through the Lonestar state,” she sings in her distinctive raspy drawl. “She’s a high-class stoner / head held high but she hangs low / shining bright through a cloud of smoke / she’s rhinestoned.”

‘Rhinestoned’ follows previous album offerings ‘Everyone but You,’ which Holler described as a “tender and sweetly shy ballad,” ‘Suburban Outlaw,’ the viral smash ‘Johnny Moonshine’ and a solo version of ‘I Don’t Wanna Hear About It,’ which was previously released as a duet with Brendan Walter.

"This song might be my favorite off the record," she shared of the track on Instagram, writing, "I can’t wait for the rest of it to be out in the world. the love i have for y’all is out of this universe. it’s all so very special to me. brb gonna go pack a bowl to celebrate. y’all oughta do the same (or don’t, i can’t really tell ya what to do)."

Maggie is out on the road for the rest of the year, supporting 49 Winchester and Trampled By Turtles on their fall tours, Marty Stuart at Dallas’ Majestic Theater in August and Brent Cobb at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium in December, as well as swinging by Bourbon & Beyond festivalin September.

Another of our previous 10 Artists You Need To Know stars Kashus Culpepper puts out his sophomore release, ‘Who Hurt You.’ A reflective letter to himself underscored by sparse piano and acoustic guitar, as Culpepper wanes pensive, giving himself permission to accept when other people's actions cause undeserved consequences.

After months of teasing us with songs, the 'Twisters: The Movie soundtrack is finally released and we’ve got some of our favourites sprinkled throughout our Best New Country playlist this week. The unprecedented 29 track album includes previously released Twisters singles from Luke Combs, Lainey Wilson, Bailey Zimmerman, Miranda Lambert and more.

We’ve got Jelly Roll’s contribution, ‘Leave The Light On (feat. Alexandra Kay),’ ‘Stronger Than A Storm’ by Dylan Gossett and ‘Tear Us Apart’ by Sam Barber, while Wyatt Flores and Jake Kohn get together on ‘Before I Do’ and Shania Twain and BRELAND duet on ‘Boots Don't.’

Erin Kirby follows up her viral smash ‘Pick My Own Flowers’ with the equally catchy ‘Leaving Eyes.’ Originally from Atlanta, Erin transitioned from pop to country last year with the debut of ‘Boys These Days.’ A viral TikTok duet further launched her career after Kameron Marlowe invited her to record a duet of ‘I Can Lie (The Truth Is)’ which they performed at the Grand Ole Opry together.

“I like to say that ‘Leaving Eyes’ is for your ex’s new girl,” explains Erin. “This song is sad and happy. It pictures a scene where an ex walks in with his new girlfriend, and you can tell that he loves her. I think this is something we all go through and at first feel envy but soon realize that we're happy for them. I hope that this song reaches listeners who are ready to move on from their ex and just need that little nudge of motivation to do so.”

Watch the video for ‘Leaving Eyes’ below.

49 Winchester double dropped this week as they gave us ‘Hillbilly Happy’ and ‘Make It Count' from their forthcoming album, Leavin' This Holler, while Jade Eagleson recruits fellow neo-traditionalist Jake Worthington to join him for a fresh take on ‘Do It Anyway,’ the title track from his 2023 critically acclaimed EP.

“I really appreciate what Jake is doing for country music and I have wanted to collaborate with him since I first heard his music,” Eagleson says. “I’m grateful that he wanted to jump on this new version of the song with me. When I heard ‘Do It Anyway’ for the first time, I immediately fell in love with the music and lyrics. It’s an anthem for folks like me, that were country since day one. Jake’s character and voice are both things that I’ve been a big fan of for a long time and having him on this song is incredibly exciting. I sure can’t wait for the world to hear it!”

"When Jade asked if I would join him on the song, it was an easy yes,” Worthington agrees. “I am a fan of what he's doing and the good ole country music he's making."

If you’ve got two stepping plans this weekend, then let Hannah Juanita be your soundtrack. She gives us another taste of her forthcoming album, Tennessee Songbird, with ‘Honky Tonkin’ For Life.’ Hannah wrote the song about her complicated feelings around being an artist - putting herself out there, being vulnerable, and facing her fears on a daily basis.

“It’s not easy but being a writer and a musician are the only things that I enjoy throwing myself into fully,” she says. “Coming out of my first record, I felt this solidification take place in my mind about my life and what music is to me. It is everything. No backing out now. I’ve backed out, changed directions, and flitted around like a butterfly in a wildflower field a lot in my adult life. Honky tonkin’ has been the only thing my heart can wrap its arms around and not let go. It feels like I’ve finally stopped floating restlessly, and now I am on a mission, full of purpose and direction, excited to express myself and create.”

“I think that a lot of musicians and artists will be able to relate to this song,” she adds, “but I hope that it reaches more people than that. Anyone working hard, throwing themselves into their passion. That’s honky tonkin’ for life.”

Texas-born Nashville-based singer songwriter Denitia follows up the wistful ‘Back to You’ with ‘Gettin’ Over,’ a summer anthem for the working folks about working too hard for too little while dreaming of a better life. She performed the song at her Grand Ole Opry debut just a couple weeks ago and it’s always a crowd favourite. Once you hear the infectious bop it is we think you’ll understand why.

Singer-songcrafter, upright bassist, and Austin, Texas-based treasure, Melissa Carper, has released her new LP, Borned In Ya, today. After recording her acclaimed 2022 album, Ramblin’ Soul, Carper retreated to a friend’s camping trailer in the country. Inside, she found a collection of DVDs and VHS tapes, one of which was Down From The Mountain, the documentary concert film about the O, Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack. The film featured an interview with roots music icon Ralph Stanley; “I don’t think you can get this sound unless it’s borned in ya,” he said, when asked about what he called “old-time mountain music.” When Carper heard those words, something jumped inside her, and she immediately jotted down the phrase “borned in ya” on a piece of paper.

“I knew I had to write that song,” she recalls. During the writing process, Carper turned the idea of what it means to have something “borned in ya” into a song about the soul, about life experiences, and evolving into the highest version of yourself possible.

The Indiana-born, Nashville-based singer-songwriter Kiely Connell releases her sophomore album, the brilliant My Own Company out into the world today. Produced by Tucker Martine, the album is a “journey of mental health” about loss and recovery and a feat of storytelling as she sings about hrpersonal losses, traumatic memories, and recoveries, the suicide of a high school friend, the abrupt end of a yearslong relationship and the gradual realization that your own company is enough.

We’re staying with the twister theme, with the song ‘Twister’ from Koe Wetzel’s new ‘9 Lives’ project. Although ‘it’s just rainin’’ according to Avery Anna on one of the standout tracks from her new 17 track album, Breakup Over Breakfast.

Hot off the heels of ‘Dive Bar Baby’ last month, Ashlie Amber releases the self-penned ‘Beer Chaser’off her forthcoming EP due out later this year.

“I’m a firm believer that the best song wins, no matter who wrote it, and I finally wrote a song that won,” says Ashlie Amber. “I’m incredibly proud to be the writer and co-producer of this track and hope the country community and beyond vibes with this awesome track as much as I do.”

Elsewhere we've got new ones from Cole Swindell, Brett Young, Kiely Connell, Angel White, Andrew Combs, Jobi Riccio, Morgan Wade, Chris Bricks, Sam Palladio and lots lots more for you.

Check out this week's new country and americana song releases and listen to the full playlist below:

  1. 1.


    Maggie Antone

  2. 2.

    Dead End Road

    Jelly Roll

  3. 3.

    Who Hurt You

    Kashus Culpepper

  4. 4.

    Make It Count

    49 Winchester

  5. 5.

    Before I Do

    Wyatt Flores and Jake Kohn

  6. 6.


    Angel White

  7. 7.

    Honky Tonkin' for Life

    Hannah Juanita

  8. 8.


    Koe Wetzel

  9. 9.

    it's just rainin'

    Avery Anna

  10. 10.

    Gettin' Over


  11. 11.

    Your Furniture's Too Nice

    Melissa Carper

  12. 12.

    Coming Up Empty

    Kiely Connell

  13. 13.

    Do It Anyway

    Jade Eagleson and Jake Worthington

  14. 14.

    Church Bells and Chain Whistles

    Brad Tursi

  15. 15.


    Sarah Gross

  16. 16.


    Christian Hayes

  17. 17.

    Three Drinks Behind

    George Strait

  18. 18.

    Leaving Eyes

    Erin Kirby

  19. 19.

    Goodnight into Good Morning

    Brett Young

  20. 20.

    Beer Chaser

    Ashlie Amber

  21. 21.


    Jobi Riccio

  22. 22.


    Graham Barham

  23. 23.

    Free Like

    Maddie and Tae

  24. 24.

    One Day

    Cole Swindell

  25. 25.

    More Than a Prayer

    Tyler Braden

  26. 26.

    Stronger Than A Storm

    Dylan Gossett

  27. 27.

    Woke Up In A Dream

    Mitchell Tenpenny

  28. 28.

    Your Whereabouts

    Waylon Wyatt

  29. 29.

    Total Control

    Morgan Wade

  30. 30.

    Boots Don't

    Shania Twain and BRELAND

  31. 31.

    Want This Beer (feat. Julia Michaels)

    Josh Ross

  32. 32.

    I Hate Springsteen

    Abbey Cone

  33. 33.

    Somewhere With Her

    Josh Turner

  34. 34.


    Harper Grace and Kelsey Hart

  35. 35.

    Just Keep Breathing

    Logan Mize

  36. 36.



  37. 37.

    Wild Horses

    Kylie Frey

  38. 38.

    Me and My House (feat. Struggle Jennings and Demun Jones)

    Brantley Gilbert

  39. 39.

    Bottle It Up

    Joe Nichols

  40. 40.


    Rvshvd and All That Remains

  41. 41.

    Sittin' On Empty

    Tayler Holder

  42. 42.

    Tear Us Apart

    Sam Barber

  43. 43.

    Heart Still Works

    Chase McDaniel

  44. 44.

    No Town

    Cole Phillips

  45. 45.

    Backroad to Heaven

    Cody Hibbard

  46. 46.

    Tin Can

    Cody Webb

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