The Best Country Songs With Names In

The songwriter Steve Goodman might have bemoaned the fact that his lover never even called him by his name, but plenty of other country singers were very specific in who it was they were singing about.

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The songwriter Steve Goodman might have bemoaned the fact that his lover never even called him by his name, but plenty of other country singers were very specific in who it was they were singing about.

October 3, 2023 2:24 pm GMT

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This playlist is about to prove one of the most fool-proof theories around: songs that contain a person’s name in their title are always bangers.

There’s just something about them. Whether it's because in the art of dedication there lies a magic that makes each track that little bit more addictive, or because we’re able to connect to it on a deeper level knowing the subject’s name, there remains an undeniable draw toward these songs.

This phenomenon is not just applicable to country music either - it seems this inexplicable theory does not discriminate between genres. ‘Valerie’, ‘Sweet Caroline’, ‘Hey, Jude’, ‘Lola’ - need I say more?

But for now, we are of course keeping within the comforting lines of country music, with a playlist that hosts artists big and small all asking themselves the same question – what is in a name? – in Holler’s playlist of the Best Country Songs With Names In.

See the full tracklist for the Playlist below:

  1. 1.


    Dolly Parton

  2. 2.

    A Boy Named Sue

    Johnny Cash

  3. 3.


    Taylor Swift

  4. 4.


    Reba McEntire

  5. 5.

    Janice At The Hotel Bar

    Hailey Whitters

  6. 6.

    Miami, My Amy

    Keith Whitley

  7. 7.


    Waylon Jennings

  8. 8.

    Annie's Song

    John Denver

  9. 9.

    My Maria

    Brooks & Dunn

  10. 10.


    Miranda Lambert

  11. 11.


    Emmylou Harris

  12. 12.


    John Wesley Ryles

  13. 13.


    The Oak Ridge Boys

  14. 14.

    Oh Sarah

    Sturgill Simpson

  15. 15.


    Bobbie Gentry

  16. 16.

    Dear John (Taylor's Version)

    Taylor Swift

  17. 17.

    Jeannie's Afraid Of The Dark

    Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton

  18. 18.

    Bonfire At Tina's

    Ashley McBryde, Caylee Hammack, Pillbox Patti and Brandy Clark

  19. 19.


    Zach Bryan and Charles Wesley Godwin

  20. 20.

    Me and Paul

    Willie Nelson

  21. 21.


    Merle Haggard and The Strangers

  22. 22.

    Cotton Eye Joe


  23. 23.

    Don't Cry Joni

    Conway Twitti and Joni Twitty

  24. 24.

    Pancho and Lefty

    Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard

  25. 25.

    It's Me Again, Margaret

    Ray Stevens

  26. 26.


    Kenny Rogers

  27. 27.

    Me and Bobby McGee

    Kris Kristfofferson

  28. 28.


    George Strait

  29. 29.

    Me and Charlie Talking

    Miranda Lambert

  30. 30.


    Alan Jackson

  31. 31.


    David Nail

  32. 32.


    Maddie and Tae

  33. 33.



  34. 34.

    Annie I Owe You A Dance

    Tim McGraw

  35. 35.

    Bobbie Sue

    The Oak Ridge Boys

  36. 36.

    Goodbye Earl

    The Chicks

  37. 37.


    First Aid Kit

  38. 38.

    Norma Jean Riley

    Diamond Rio

  39. 39.

    Cracklin' Rosie

    Neil Diamond

  40. 40.


    Blake Shelton

  41. 41.

    Somebody's Chelsea

    Reba McEntire

  42. 42.

    Delia's Gone

    Johnny Cash

  43. 43.



  44. 44.

    I'm Not Lisa

    Jessi Colter

  45. 45.

    Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town

    Kenny Rogers & The First Edition

  46. 46.

    Anita, You're Dreaming

    Waylon Jennings

  47. 47.

    The Eyes Of Sarahjane

    The Jayhawks

  48. 48.

    Jody and the Kid

    Roger Miller

  49. 49.


    Taylor Swift

  50. 50.


    Dolly Parton

  51. 51.

    Sweet Annie

    Zac Brown Band

  52. 52.

    My Sweet Annette

    Drive-By Truckers

  53. 53.

    Polk Salad Annie

    Tony Joe White

  54. 54.


    Indigo Girls

  55. 55.


    Brandi Carlisle

  56. 56.

    When Emma Falls In Love (Taylor's Version)

    Taylor Swift

  57. 57.

    Darlin' Kate

    Emmylou Harris

  58. 58.

    Sweet Lorraine

    Patty Griffin

  59. 59.


    Lucinda Williams

  60. 60.

    Proud Mary

    Creedence Clearwater Revival

  61. 61.

    Ronnie and Neil

    Drive-By Truckers

  62. 62.

    The Ballad of Sally Rose

    Emmylou Harris

  63. 63.

    Shotgun Willie

    Willie Nelson

  64. 64.


    Jason Isbell

  65. 65.


    Zac Brown Band

  66. 66.

    Big Bad John

    Jimmy Dean

  67. 67.

    Dear John (I Sent Your Saddle Home)

    John Prine

  68. 68.

    Me and Little Andy

    Dolly Parton

  69. 69.

    Jesus Jenny

    Ashley McBryde and Aaron Raitiere

  70. 70.

    Brenda Put Your Bra On

    Ashley McBryde, Caylee Hammack and Pillbox Patti

  71. 71.

    Sarah's Place

    Zach Bryan and Noah Kahan

  72. 72.

    Hey Stephen

    Taylor Swift

  73. 73.

    Traitor Joe

    Megan Moroney

  74. 74.


    Sturgill Simpson

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Written by Jof Owen
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