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The Best Megan Moroney Songs

September 3, 2023 8:04 am GMT
Last Edited September 25, 2023 3:25 pm GMT

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Megan Moroney – or “Me-Mo” (pronounced “May-Mo” to rhyme with “J-Lo) as we affectionately call her – has stolen the hearts of country lovers the world over.

Writing songs inspired by her self-confessed “horrible taste in men,” the Georgia born star has shot to fame over the last couple of years with her unflinchingly honest, often hilarious and delightfully self-deprecating lyrics and a classic country pop sound.

Mixing hopeless romanticism with dry eye-rolling wit and a girl-next-door pop charm and rolling it up into something entirely fresh and unique.

“I either write bad bitch country songs or emo cowgirl songs,” Megan Moroney says. Here’s a colourful mix of the best of both in our Holler playlist of The Best Megan Moroney Songs.

Megan Moroney | 2021


The first single from Megan Moroney was inspired by seeing a friend of hers frantically replying to text messages on her phone instead of enjoying herself when they were on a girls’ holiday together. Megan says she reminded her friend that she deserved to be with someone who didn’t make them wonder where they were and what they were getting up to behind her back all the time.

Megan says she walked out into the ocean straight after and started writing the song there and then on the vacation.


Georgia Girl

You don’t mess with a Georgia girl, especially when that Georgia girl happens to have a guitar and a way with words. Megan’s cheating boyfriend might have got away with it when it came to his girlfriends in Louisiana and Tennessee, and his other girlfriend in Alabama might have taken him back, but that’s not happening this time. His two girlfriends in Oklahoma and California don’t seem to have gotten over him at all, but Megan is well and truly through with this jerk.


Traitor Joe

A good friend always tells her friends the truth, no matter how difficult it is to hear sometimes. Unfortunately, this means Megan doing the right thing and telling her friend that she’s seen his girlfriend cheating on him with someone else.

Megan might not be being entirely selfless here though. Her own feelings are made obvious when she suggests that her friend should swap his cheating girlfriend in for her. “I'm right here, I'm everything you need / I've been waiting, waiting / hoping that sooner or later you're gonna hate her, hate her.”

Not saying Megan’s made the whole thing up, but it might be worth just giving that girlfriend the benefit of doubt first.


Sad Songs For Sad People

Despite its title, this is actually a super sweet song written especially for a special someone who hasn’t mistreated her like all her other ex-boyfriends have. Perhaps the only happy love song in the whole of Megan Moroney’s collection, the last song off Lucky finds her in a refreshingly healthy relationship for once.

We just hope it lasts.

Sony Music Entertainment | 2022

He Made Me Do It

Inspired by Miranda Lambert’s revenge songs, Megan wrote one of her own. Standing up in court on an ABH charge, she tells the judge she doesn’t regret a thing and that her two-timing dirty dog of a boyfriend drove her to it; and that he got off surprisingly lightly with just a high heel in his eye too.


Why Johnny

Megan contacts the spirit world to ask advice from June Carter in this firm fan favourite off Lucky, asking her how she could ever have been certain Johnny Cash was going to get his shit together during all the difficult years at the start of their relationship.


Mustang or Me

Megan famously still drives the same car she drove in high school. It’s a 2010 Mustang and it’s gone with her all the way from Athens, GA, to Nashville. She’s often said she only keeps it for sentimental reasons, because it reminds her of all the ex-boyfriends who have sat in the passenger seat next to her.

Written by a group of songwriters made up of Megan, Ben Williams, Mackenzie Carpenter and Micah Carpenter who all chat together on a WhatsApp group called “Jimmy James”, this cut off Lucky, finds Megan leaving Tennessee after another break-up and wondering which one of them is going to break down first; the mustang or her.

Sony Music Entertainment | 2022

Fix You Too

In this track of Pistol Made of Roses, Megan picks another cut-and-paste boyfriend and immediately regrets it as the red flags start waving in her face again. After all, she’s got enough of her own shit to deal with without having to worry about his. Urgh, we’ve all been there.

Megan needs to think of men more like chips. Imagine you had a big bowl of chips, and your boyfriend’s bowl is empty because he dropped them on the floor because he was messing about. You put some of your chips in your boyfriend’s bowl because his bowl is empty, and you keep doing that because he keeps needing more chips. Before you know it, your bowl is empty, and he’s eaten all your chips.

The lesson: Megan Needs to find a boyfriend who just eats his chips and stops messing about. Then she’ll have a lot more chips for herself.

She rerecorded the song for her Lucky (Deluxe) album with Kameron Marlowe, who hopefully had his own chips.



Megan takes us all down to the honky tonk with a fun filled blast of classic country for the title track of her debut full length album, putting all her well-founded worries and fears about a soured relationship behind her once the tequila starts kicking in.


Sleep on My Side

It’s often said that opposites attract, but sometimes two people are just too different to make it work. And so it is with Megan and the her good for nothing back door man boyfriend. She likes the countryside; he likes the city. Megan likes iced coffee; he likes it hot. He never listens to John Prine; huge red flag.

Described by Megan as being “the funniest song on the record,” she perfectly deadpans the punchline at the end of the chorus, and it even features her friend Alex laughing at the end of the recording.


Nothin' Crazy (feat. Mackenzie Carpenter)

A late addition to the Lucky album, Megan responds to a date who tells her that all his ex-girlfriends have been "crazy" or "too obsessive" by being hilariously obtuse and sarcastically deconstructing the “hysterical woman” trope.

She reassures him that she's nothing like those other girls but lets her heart run wild behind his back, picking out weddings dresses, calling his mom and planning their future together on Pinterest boards.

Sony Music Entertainment | 2022

Hair Salon

From Kitty Wells’ ‘Only Me and My Hairdresser Know’ in the 60’s to Ashley McBryde’s recent single ‘Light On In The Kitchen,’ Women in country have always set their songs in feminine-coded spaces, and Megan Moroney took us along to Bernadettes, her local hair salon, to get her roots done for the biggest song off Pistol Made of Roses.

As she fills up on all the latest local gossip, she overhears some she wished she hadn’t when she accidentally discovers her ex is marrying someone else. In real life, her favourite ex-boyfriend – and the guy who Megan only started writing songs to get over - did actually announce his engagement on the same day that her first video hit CMT. He must have needed something to cheer him up.


Girl in the Mirror

Megan stands in front of a bathroom mirror staring back at herself wondering what happened to the girl she used to be before she met “him” and who the reflected girl even was looking back at her anymore.

“You can’t love the boy more than you love the girl in the mirror,” she proudly declares at the songs end, refusing to let her self-worth be measured against any man.


Tennessee Orange

Not your usual terrace anthem, here was a football song with a difference. Megan's bittersweet romance takes place between two star-crossed football supporters as a Georgia Bulldogs fan betrays her hometown allegiances by hooking up with Tennessee Volunteers fan and adopting their team colours.

Upon its original release the song was swept along by rumours about who the song was written about after Megan teased the track by posting a blurry image of herself wearing a Tennessee Volunteers shirt.

Morgan Wallen fanned the flames further when he posted comments about the shirt all over Megan Moroney's Instagram. Sometime later, Megan eventually revealed that it was, in fact, Wallen's jersey, but has never confirmed if the two were ever actually together.

Dive even further into the lyrics and meaning here.

Sony Music Nashville/Columbia Records | 2023

I'm Not Pretty

The Jimmy James WhatsApp group strikes gold again!

Inspired by a true story when one of Megan’s ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriends accidentally liked one of her photos from 2016 in Panama City at least five years after she’d posted it. ‘I’m Not Pretty’ is Megan at her most honest and hilarious, as she eye-rolls her way through a series of cutting one-liners and deadpan put downs.

The photo is still on her Instagram if you want to give it a like in the early hours of the morning. As the artist Babak Ganjei always says, “It’s the 3am likes that often mean the most.”

Read more about the lyrics and meaning here.

For more on Megan Moroney, see below:

Written by Jof Owen
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