Country Songs For Ed Sheeran Fans

From Luke Combs to Dan + Shay, here's a playlist of songs that should appeal to every Ed Sheeran fan out there

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From Luke Combs to Dan + Shay, here's a playlist of songs that should appeal to every Ed Sheeran fan out there

August 22, 2023 9:56 pm GMT
Last Edited August 24, 2023 9:57 am GMT

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"Country music is some of the best-written music in the world," Ed Sheeran has famously said, admitting that he's always got his mind open to making a country record. He made a good start on it when he recorded 'Life Goes On' with country superstar Luke Combs.

Plus the two appearances he's made on songs by Taylor Swift, as well as her own appearance on his 'The Joker and The Queen' single.

For someone who isn't actually a country singer, he's doing an awfully good job of making country music. We've used our imagination to pick out some country songs that we think would appeal to sheerios everywhere.

So, settle back and get your fix of country classics in our playlist of Country Songs For Ed Sheeran Fans.

See the full tracklist for Holler's Country Songs For Ed Sheeran fans Playlist below:

  1. 1.

    Life Goes On

    Ed Sheeran feat. Luke Combs

  2. 2.


    Dan + Shay

  3. 3.

    Dancing In The Sky

    Sam Barber

  4. 4.

    shoulder to cry on

    Alana Springsteen

  5. 5.

    Over For You

    Morgan Evans

  6. 6.

    Die A Happy Man

    Thomas Rhett

  7. 7.

    All On Me

    Devin Dawson

  8. 8.

    God Bless This Mess

    Jillian Jacqueline

  9. 9.

    Everything Has Changed

    Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran

  10. 10.

    You Don't Want That Smoke

    Bailey Zimmerman

  11. 11.

    Thinking 'Bout You

    Dustin Lynch feat. Mackenzie Porter

  12. 12.

    Humble and Kind

    Lori McKenna

  13. 13.

    Chasing After You

    Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris

  14. 14.

    Big, Big Plans

    Chris Lane

  15. 15.

    Look At You

    Seth Ennis

  16. 16.

    Think A Little Less

    Michael Ray

  17. 17.

    Right Girl Wrong Time

    Jon Langston

  18. 18.

    Next Thing You Know

    Jordan Davis

  19. 19.

    We Got History

    Mitchell Tenpenny

  20. 20.

    The Joker and The Queen

    Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift

  21. 21.

    Kiss Somebody

    Morgan Evans

  22. 22.

    I Know Somebody


  23. 23.

    To a T

    Ryan Hurd

  24. 24.

    Lipstick On You

    Sophia Scott

  25. 25.


    Russell Dickerson

  26. 26.


    Danielle Bradberry

  27. 27.

    One Shot

    Hunter Hayes

  28. 28.

    10,000 Hours

    Dan + Shay feat. Justin Bieber

  29. 29.

    Thank God

    Kane Brown and Katelyn Brown

  30. 30.

    I'd Be You

    Lily Rose

  31. 31.

    25 To Life

    Griffen Palmer

  32. 32.


    Robyn Ottolini

  33. 33.

    Already Crazy

    Carter Faith

  34. 34.

    As You Leave

    Canaan Cox

  35. 35.

    Try Losing One

    Tyler Braden

  36. 36.

    Didn't Do

    Spencer Crandall

  37. 37.


    Adam Doleac

  38. 38.

    Every Girl I Ever Loved

    Noah Shnacky

  39. 39.

    Can't Have Mine (Find You A Girl)

    Dylan Scott

  40. 40.

    Last Night

    Morgan Wallen

  41. 41.

    Fast Car

    Luke Combs

  42. 42.

    Made For You

    Jake Owen

  43. 43.

    Single Saturday Night

    Cole Swindell

  44. 44.

    Match For My Memory

    Robyn Ottolini

  45. 45.

    A Few Hearts Ago

    Kylie Morgan

  46. 46.


    Lily Rose

  47. 47.

    Call Your Sister

    Taylor Edwards

  48. 48.

    On The Water

    James Barker Band feat. Dalton Dover

  49. 49.

    it's been a year

    Ashley Cooke

  50. 50.

    Better Boy

    Nate Smith

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Written by Jof Owen
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