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Griffen Palmer Releases Debut Single, ‘Second Guessing’

January 13, 2023 3:15 pm GMT
Last Edited June 7, 2023 9:31 am GMT

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Big Loud Records’ latest signing has today released his debut single, ‘Second Guessing’.

Griffen Palmer originally played the song for the Songland judges back in 2020, with Florida Georgia Line going on to release a revamped version of the track later that year.

Now, Palmer has chosen the lovestruck ballad as the springboard from which he's launching his solo career.

The Ontario native's take feels noticeably smoother and slicker than Florida Georgia Line's rendition.

The accompanying music video amplifies the endearing nature of the song, as it celebrates how a couple's love for one another triumphs over all obstacles and set-backs.

‘Second Guessing’ is a classic example of Nashville's penchant for witty wordplay, with Palmer flipping the title into the key lyric, “Since I met you, I/I ain't spent one second guessing”.

Alongside Big Loud's Lauren Watkins, Griffen Palmer is making the transition from songwriter to performer. Both will get the chance to hone their live shows when they join up with Lily Rose for her 2023 tour next month.

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