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Megan Moroney - Lucky: New Album 2023 Release Date and Tracklist

February 16, 2023 6:19 pm GMT
Last Edited June 19, 2023 8:34 am GMT

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Release Date: May 5

Title: Lucky


  • I'm Not Pretty
  • Lucky
  • Tennessee Orange
  • Kansas Anymore
  • Girl In The Mirror
  • Another On The Way
  • Traitor Joe
  • Why Johnny
  • God Plays A Gibson
  • Georgia Girl
  • Sleep On My Side
  • Mustang Or Me
  • Sad Songs For Sad People
  • Miss Daisy

Although Megan Moroney has only released an EP and a smattering of singles, she's already causing quite the stir across Music Row.

With her break-out single, ‘Tennessee Orange’, recently going Gold and a brand new song, ‘I'm Not Pretty’, hitting the airwaves, fans were quickly clamouring for the release of her debut album.

The rising star then announced that it would be called ‘Lucky’, and would be released on May 5.

At the start of March, Moroney revealed the majority of the project's tracklist. Fans were excited to see that all of the Georgia native's previously teased tracks seem to have made the cut, including ‘Why Johnny’, ‘Traitor Joe’, ‘Georgia Girl’ and more.

Tantalisingly, Moroney left three song spaces blank, leaving fans to try and fill in the blanks on the scratch-card-themed tracklist.

Back in December, Moroney confirmed that she was hard at work on the record. In the caption, she included an interesting choice of emoji - a four leaf clover.

We suspected this was a hint that the Georgia native might name the project after her unreleased track, ‘Lucky’.

At the start of the month, Moroney revealed that this would indeed be the title-track of her new album, and that the single would indeed be made available on March 10. ‘Girl In The Mirror’ followed on April 14.

At the start of 2023, Moroney played a special showcase at Nashville's Electric Jane, during which she performed a number of unreleased songs that she's been teasing over the past year or so.

In addition to these, she played ‘Lucky’, and Moroney introduced the song with a cheeky nod towards the impending album reveal, saying, “This is a very special song, and y’all will find out eventually. I hope y’all are ready to go honky-tonking”.

In the music video for her smash hit single, ‘Tennessee Orange’, eagle-eyed fans also picked up on a number of ‘Easter eggs’ that appear to reveal details about Moroney's upcoming album.

For instance, the inclusion of the Johnny Cash vinyl seemed to be a nod to an unreleased song that Moroney first posted last year, ‘Why Johnny’, in which she puts herself in the shoes of the late country megastar's long-suffering wife, June Carter.

Additionally, during the diner scene in the ‘Tennessee Orange’ video, Moroney pointedly sits next to a Reserved sign for ‘Miss Bernadette & Miss Daisy’.

Miss Bernadette is a character in the 2022 song, ‘Hair Salon’, which appeared on Moroney's Pistol Made of Roses EP.

While ‘Miss Daisy’ could be a reference to another song from the EP, ‘Keep the Flowers’, some suspect it might be the name of a track that'll feature on the deluxe version of Moroney's debut album.

Another unreleased track that Moroney shared last year is the sinuous, despairing ballad, ‘Kansas Anymore’, which incorporates vibrant, Wizard-of-Oz-inspired imagery as she describes a looming break-up (“Just like a rainbow hits the ground / We fell in love, then fell back down”). ‘Kansas Anymore’ was then confirmed as featuring on Lucky.

Before it was even released, another of Moroney's demos, ‘Girl in the Mirror’, had already become a fan-favourite, with her followers regularly asking her to make the track available on streaming platforms.

In early March, she revealed that it would be getting an official release on April 14.

After posting the vulnerable, stripped-back ode to self-love towards the end of last year, Moroney then performed ‘Girl in the Mirror’ at a secret gig in Nashville in early 2023.

‘Georgia Girl’, another song that appears on the new album, has also blossomed into one of Moroney's most loved tracks.

The charismatic song, which celebrates Moroney's home-state, inevitably feels like the sonic sibling to ‘Tennessee Orange’.

Since moving to Nashville, Megan Moroney has been co-writing with some of Music Row's finest.

For instance, the Georgia prodigy penned ‘Why Johnny’ with Conor Matthews, while she has also collaborated with Mackenzie Carpenter, Micah Carpenter and Ben Williams for ‘Mustang Or Me’, a clever spin on the classic country ‘truck’ metaphor.

On the ballad, Moroney compares her aching heart to the beat-up car she's driving out of Tennessee (“A broken taillight, a broken heart / How'd we even get this far? / I'm fighting back the tears, running on E / Who's gonna break down first, this Mustang or me?”).

One of the highlights of Megan Moroney's expansive arsenal of anthems is undoubtedly ‘Traitor Joe’, which shows off the singer-songwriter's ability to shape-shift between various characters, something she also showcased on ‘Hair Salon’.

A play on the name of the popular US grocery store, ‘Trader Joe's’, fans were delighted to see that this is another song that has made its way onto Moroney's debut album tracklist.


I just wrote this and I’m obsessed bye

♬ original sound - Megan Moroney

As fans turn their attention to the prospect of a deluxe version of Lucky, it remains to be seen whether Megan Moroney will also include any songs that featured on her 2022 EP, Pistol Made of Roses, as well as her first ever single, ‘Wonder’.

Given the fact that Moroney performed ‘Hair Salon’ during her Grand Ole Opry debut in February, it seems her 2022 body of work still holds a special place in her heart.

However, in order to know for certain, we'll have to assume the role of Moroney when she meets Miss Bernadette in ‘Hair Salon’, and simply “let her spill the tea”.

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Written by Maxim Mower
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