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Margo Price Launches ‘Margo Grass’ CBG Line

January 27, 2023 2:20 pm GMT
Last Edited June 7, 2023 5:20 pm GMT

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Margo Price's fans are still riding high following the release of her new album, Strays, earlier this month.

But now, the Illinois native wants to help her fans to hold onto that feeling of levity long after the buzz of her new music has worn off.

Price has launched a new line of pre-rolled CBG joints and hemp-inspired merchandise in collaboration with Dad Grass, designed to stimulate creativity and help ‘take the edge off’, without producing the same level of ‘high’ as regular cannabis.

The new line consists of low-dose, organic hemp, with less than 0.3% THC - the primary high-giving component of cannabis.

Margo Price underlines that one of her main objectives in launching this new CBG line is to reduce the negative stereotypes that still linger in the air around cannabis.

In a statement, Price explained, “I have battled insomnia, menstrual cramps, migraines, back pain, depression, hangovers, writer’s block and boredom with cannabis that’s high in CBG, and I want to help remove the stigma around this beautiful plant”.

The special package design for Price's Margo Grass collection is inspired by her latest project, Strays, which introduced a variety of psychedelic sounds and styles, with Price having created a significant amount of the album while under the influence of magic mushrooms.

The new Mom Grass x Margo Price collection is available now, and can be purchased here.

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Written by Maxim Mower
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