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BRELAND Charms the 2023 C2C Festival Crowd in London

March 11, 2023 2:34 pm GMT
Last Edited June 9, 2023 3:42 pm GMT

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  • BRELAND by Kendall Wilson
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  • Holler Country Music
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  • Holler Country Music

As they head out on stage, some artists step into the shoes of an entertaining, witty public persona, before then shedding that cloak and returning to their ‘normal’ selves once the spotlights have been dimmed and the crowds are long gone.

It's safe to say BRELAND is not one of those artists - the same charisma and charm he brings to every interview and every presenting role is infused into each of his live performances.

On the O2 stage on Friday night, fans were treated to a handful of BRELAND's much-loved hits, from ‘Natural’ to ‘For What It's Worth’.

The New Jersey native also performed his hugely popular collaboration with Dierks Bentley and HARDY, ‘Beers On Me’.

It's always a tough spot to open on the first day of C2C, when people are still filtering into the main arena juggling two beers in one hand and a bucket of chips in the other.

However, BRELAND was undeterred, as he gave a cold London night the feel of a summer's evening in Nashville.

He dialled down the levity for his evocative ballad, ‘Cross Country’, before cranking up the volume once again for ‘Throw It Back’. As was to be expected, he ended on ‘Praise the Lord’, which would usually feature the night's headliner, Thomas Rhett.

Were we expecting Rhett to come out as a special guest ahead of his headlining performance later that night? Of course not, it was never going to happen. Were we secretly hoping against all odds that he would anyway? Well, maybe for a moment...

Despite its brevity, BRELAND delivered a fun, lively set that renewed the special relationship he enjoys with the UK.

BRELAND C2C Festival 2023 Setlist

Taken from BRELAND's show at The O2 in London, UK on March 10th 2023.


Beers On Me

For What It's Worth

Cross Country

Throw It Back

Praise The Lord

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Written by Maxim Mower
Author - BRELAND