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Zach Bryan Teases Two New Songs, ‘177 Chrystie’ and ‘Tourniquet’

February 24, 2023 12:12 pm GMT
Last Edited June 8, 2023 5:23 pm GMT

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After deleting both his Twitter and Instagram accounts, Zach Bryan took to TikTok to share two brand new song teasers, entitled ‘177 Chrystie’ and ‘Tourniquet’.


hotter than concrete feet during summers end

♬ 177 Chrystie - Zach Bryan

Over the past year, TikTok has played a key role in propelling Bryan towards stardom, after his moving ballad, ‘Something in the Orange’, became a viral sensation on the platform.

It therefore feels appropriate that this is the social media account to survive the country chart-topper's recent online blackout.

‘177 Chrystie’ finds Zach Bryan reprising his role as the undeserving but grateful lover (“I've made plenty of mistakes, but you ain't one of them / Every day was worth it if you're the sum of them”). It builds into a heartwarming ode to Bryan's girlfriend, Deb, and fans are hoping that it'll get an official release soon.

The second of the new teasers, entitled ‘Tourniquet’, pivots around an endearing piece of wordplay, “If you want a tourniquet / Or if you want to turn and quit / Know that I'll be by your side”.

It's a visceral track that treads in similar footsteps to Zach Bryan's 2022 anthem, ‘Oklahoma Smokeshow’, as he sympathises with the struggles of the person he's singing to (“You bled your whole soul into things you can't control / In a world you'll never satisfy”).


you bled your whole soul into things you cant control in a world youll never satisfy

♬ tourniquet - Zach Bryan

Given the poignance of the final lyric, it's possible that Bryan could even be singing to himself.

He's repeatedly expressed he annoyance that fans have not been more appreciative of his move to prevent ticket scammers from pushing prices up.

The new music comes shortly after Zach Bryan left Twitter and Instagram, with the singer-songwriter growing frustrated at fans’ criticism of his Burn, Burn, Burn tour ticketing system.

Bryan made tickets available via a lottery, in order to restrict the actions of potential ticket scalpers, but this led to a number of fans missing out.

He subsequently added more dates in an attempt to appease them, with Bryan once again stressing that he'd introduced the novel ticketing system as a means of helping fans, rather than hindering them.

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