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Zach Bryan Chooses Handful of Small Town Bars to Host Listening Parties for Upcoming Album 'The Great American Bar Scene'

June 19, 2024 3:21 pm GMT

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Zach Bryan is supporting the great American bar scene by gifting a handful of down-home haunts his forthcoming album, The Great American Bar Scene.

The artist is giving select small town watering holes early access to the upcoming release with which to host listening parties across the country. Their patrons will be among the first to hear the new album ahead of its official release sometime this summer.

One of the first bars with bragging rights is Marlinton, West Virginia's Old Mountain Tavern. The proprietors shared a statement on their Facebook page, explaining, “In the summer of 2024, Zach Bryan will release his new album, The Great American Bar Scene. To commemorate his new album, Zach Bryan has chosen a small number of bars across the country that embody the spirit of an American small-town bar, and Old Mountain Tavern in Marlinton, West Virginia, is one of those select venues."

The West Virginia tavern was chosen because of its "commitment to community, atmosphere, and hometown hospitality."

With this honor, the bar is planning a block party to celebrate the pre-release. Taking place on Saturday, June 29, the all-day Bryan-centric extravaganza will see the album played throughout the event, as well as performances from local musicians and the service of food and beer from local establishments.

A bar in the artist's hometown of Oologah, Oklahoma, called the Iron Horse, was also graced with the honor. And there are even more listening parties to come. On social media, Bryan hinted that 23 establishments in total will be granted the same Great American Bar Scene status. Will your favorite watering hole be next?

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Written by Alli Patton
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