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The Best Zach Bryan Songs

December 22, 2022 1:37 pm GMT
Last Edited July 3, 2024 10:18 am GMT

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He may only be a few years into his career, but Zach Bryan has already amassed an impressive catalogue of songs in his arsenal.

What’s most impressive about his songwriting is that he rarely misses the mark. In fact, he’s writing the best songs not being manufactured on Music Row today.

With the release of his fifth album, The Great American Bar Scene, Bryan has again added some weighty, emotional layers to his already beloved catalogue.

While whittling them down was a tall order, here are Zach Bryan’s 40 Best Songs, according to Holler:

Warner Records | 2023

Boys of Faith

Belting Bronco | 2020


Looking to the horizon, Bryan sees a glimmer of hope crest the mountaintops.

Even though he doesn’t even know if he’ll “be alive tomorrow,” he holds onto the idea that things will be better another day. He has his regrets, but it’s the hope that gets him through the storm.

Warner Records | 2022


Bryan would rather have loved and lost than not have loved at all. ‘Blue’ is a faded polaroid; a snapshot of what could be. “In my dreams / it seems I'm only chasin' you,” he whispers. His poetry and his sonnets are what get him by these days, as he waits for his day to come.

Warner Records | 2022

Right Now The Best

Here, Bryan embraces the present. Even as the world is constantly racing for what’s next, he remains steady and true. Nevertheless, he finds himself losing time, as he experiences life in the moment. It’s an inevitable emotional crash, when you realize the present is now the past with the relentless tick of the clock.

Warner Records | 2022

Morning Time

Bryan shows gratitude for love. As he wades through its murky depths, he finds a greater understanding of what it means to be alive, deciding to seize each day while he has it. “You in the morning time / makes me glad I'm still alive,” the words ring ever powerful and true.

Belting Bronco | 2019

Flying or Crying

Bryan flips through a reckless youth with ‘Flying or Crying’. Late-night binges are punctuated with conversations about other times he’s drunk too much.

“We've spent living towards dying,” he sings. He’s teetered on the edge one too many times, but at least if he falls he won’t be “going down alone”.

Belting Bronco | 2022


Sometimes, the moments you cherish most are those in the quiet. Life is a bustle of sound and static, and so, those fleeting chances you get to just be mean even more.

With ‘Starved,’ a one-off single, Bryan relates his personal journey to a universal story about desperation and a hunger for something more meaningful out of life.

Belting Bronco | 2020


Bryan will certainly understand if you walk away. With his song ‘Leaving,’ the singer-songwriter expresses how the “toxins” throbbing in his brain have hindered him from being “a better man”.

Acoustic guitar in tow, the mid-tempo ballad rings the emotions dry like doing laundry on a chilly Saturday morning.

Warner | 2022

Twenty So

“I fear all my days of bein' young are done,” laments Bryan. Time is cruel, and life seems as fleeting as it’s ever been.

For his part, Bryan feels it all crushing upon his shoulders without an escape. It’s a wistful tune that's packed with regret and sadness.

Warner Records | 2022

Cold Damn Vampires

Things in this world can suck you dry. Bryan warns against these things - these bloodsuckers as he calls them - that drain you and leave you for dead. “Don’t let them steal your hope, child,” he encourages, his voice ringing clear and bright. He snarls his way through an apt metaphor, one enough to haunt your dreams.

Warner Records | 2023

Purple Gas

Warner Records | 2022

Half Grown

Forgiveness plays at the heart of this American Heartbreak essential.

“You can't choose your blood / but you can choose to change the chains that chained you down” Bryan advises, catching the song in the back of his throat.

Before long, he's letting out a growl and casting an ensnaring emotional net.

Warner Records | 2022

The Outskirts

Bryan envisions a life full of hope and wonder on the outskirts of town. The city lights can only be seen on the horizon, gathered together with the sun’s golden rays.

It’s almost another life entirely; lying far and beyond the city’s bustle, nestled somewhere in the U.S.A.

Warner Records | 2022

Younger Years

One’s younger years are wrought with late-night revelry, rough crowds and regrettable hangovers.

Bryan has certainly seen his fair share of all-nighters in his day. High on life and weed, the singer-songwriter finds himself “enjoying all the pain of younger years” and feeling more alive than he ever has. It’s all worth it in the end.

Belting Bronco | 2020

Me and Mine

Here, Bryan takes aim at Music Row with a sharp tongue. On ‘Me and Mine,’ he imparts the struggle he has endured to get where he is. At the time of his second studio record, Elisabeth, he may not have been a household name, but he sure is now.

“You can keep your name and burn the cash,” he seethes. No matter his success; he’s still just a boy from Oklahoma.

Warner Records | 2022

No Cure

Bryan is just a ramblin’ man. Ever restless, he claims “to be a man of the night”, he sings over a steady gallop. The horizon beckons him forward, even though his lover back home longs for him to stay. No matter; the road is his mistress, and he answers the call.

Warner Records | 2023

Pink Skies

Warner Records | 2023

Sarah's Place

Warner Records | 2022

This Road I Know

Technically a spoken word poem, ‘This Road I Know’ is greatly inspired by the work of authors John Steinbeck and Jack Kerouac.

The words are decorated over a single acoustic guitar and starry patterns of other instruments. Everyday sounds can be heard in the mix, hammering home the idea of finding home in chaos.

Warner Records | 2022

Corinthians (Proctor's)

Scripture in hand, Bryan kneels where music and religion cross to regale a tale about a sinful past and finding absolution. “Jet trails cut across the Winthrop County sky / That's why I reckon Sunday is a good day to die,” he opens. The scruffy acoustic arrangement gives the lyrics an even more confessional feel as Bryan seeks redemption.

Warner Records | 2023

Something in the Orange

Warner Records | 2022

She's Alright

Death is the most inescapable of human experiences. Having endured his own tragedies, Bryan pens this heart-torn ballad to his late mother.

“I'll tell you all these stories one day,” he promises. As a memorial, ‘She’s Alright’ serves as a stunning reminder on life’s ephemeral nature and how songwriting gives him closure.

Warner Records | 2023

November Air

Warner | 2022

Quittin' Time

Bryan eyes the clock. The 9-to-5 hustle has done a number on him, all this barely getting by breaking his soul.

Still, he pushes forward for the sake of his life and his lover, the banjo’s rumble giving the song an almost railroad song bounce. “I'm saving all my pennies / and I'm praying to the Lord,” he whispers to himself.

Warner Records | 2023

I Remember Everything

Warner Records | 2022

'68 Fastback

On '68 Fastback', Bryan compares himself to car parts. It seems fitting for a broken man in great suffering. “To you I'm just salvage / I ain't ran right in years,” he admits. His performance is lonesome and heavy, as though such confessions will free him. Eventually, it does.

Warner Records | 2023

Hey Driver

Belting Bronco | 2019

Sweet DeAnn

‘Sweet DeAnn’ serves as the centerpiece for 2019’s DeAnn. An ode to his late mother, the teary ballad recounts memories that are now only flashes in photographs. He yearns to give her a call, left only to the sadness rattling inside his head. “I miss you so,” he sings.

Warner Records | 2023


Warner Records | 2023

East Side of Sorrow

Belting Bronco | 2019


Loneliness is one of life’s most sorrowful pains. “No one gives a damn about me,” Bryan snarls, dejected. Here, incurable hurt infects his relationships and his ability to live a fulfilled life. Heartache, death and a myriad of other experiences cause rifts in this life, and Bryan is barely getting by.

Warner Records | 2022

Sun to Me

On ‘Sun to Me,’ Bryan searches the world over for love. He also shares sage advice his mother once gave him; “Find someone who grows flowers in the darkest parts of you”. Over a blossoming, warm melody, the singer-songwriter wanders until he finds the love he always needed.

Belting Bronco | 2019


Love can be baptismal. “You bring heaven down to me,” sings Bryan. His love is so strong that it’s a heavenly experience, something he’s never experienced in his life.

He then draws comparisons to Jesus’ ability to wash away your sin and turn you white as snow; “She takes my stain and makes me white as snow,” he adds.

Warner Records | 2023

Burn Burn Burn

Warner Records | 2023

Nine Ball

Warner | 2022

Jamie (Feat. Charles Wesley Godwin)

A beloved collaboration with Charles Wesley Godwin from 2022's 'Summertime Blues' EP, ‘Jamie’ speaks of such immense heartbreak, the sort from which someone can never recover.

“'Cause this life ain't worth livin' / if the love that you've been given is taken before you are,” sings Godwin. The protagonist witnesses the love of his life fade with time, only the memories remaining.

Belting Bronco | 2020

Heading South


Fifth of May

Warner | 2022

Oklahoma Smokeshow

The unquestionable highlight of Bryan's beloved 2022 Summertime Blues EP, 'Oklahoma Smokeshow' was born out of the rotting of dreams and how your hometown can become the death of you.

The darker side of the Great American Bar Scene, the song is narrated from the side of unrequited love, as Bryan pleads for a lover to realise how much they could have if they could see a life outside of the local bad boys and Everyone may scream along to

Belting Bronco | 2020


The perennial, behemoth closer to all of Zach Bryan's concerts taken from 2020's Elisabeth, 'Revival' is the liquor-aloft anthem that has had its scripture tattooed across many a body since its release, a liberating and fearless song that embraces all vices.

Exchanging sin for sin, Bryan gathers his buddies and heads out to the local watering hole to get baptized “in a bottle of Beam”. The all-night binge may just do the trick to wash away their sins, but we’ll see how they feel when the morning light breaks.

'Revival' has become Bryan's defining hymnal, a song one and all chant in unison at the end of any given day.


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