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Riley Green New Album 2023: Release Date and Tracklist

March 24, 2023 6:39 pm GMT
Last Edited April 21, 2023 5:04 pm GMT

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Release Date: TBC

Expected Title: TBC

Expected Tracklist:

  • Raised Up Right
  • God Made A Good ‘Ol Boy
  • Hell Of A Way To Go
  • Different ‘Round Here ft. Luke Combs
  • I Hope She's Drinkin’ Tonight
  • Get Back Home
  • Miles On Main
  • Wild Woman
  • Mississippi Or Me
  • They Don’t Make Them Like That No More
  • Keep Comin Around
  • Known Any Better
  • Where Corn Don't Grow
  • Alcohall of Fame
  • Taillights
  • Good Mornin’ from Mexico
  • I'd Rather Be
  • I Like to Think That
  • Til You Gave One

Riley Green has built a reputation as one of country's traditionalists, and often uses his music as a means of preserving the beliefs, values and lifestyle of older generations.

This is most evident on nostalgic tracks such as ‘Behind The Times’, ‘Hell Of A Way To Go’ and his smash hit single, ‘I Wish Grandpas Never Died’, which pays tribute to his close relationship with his two grandpas, both of whom passed away before he wrote the song.

‘Hell Of A Way To Go’ is expected to be one of the lead singles off Green's upcoming follow-up to 2021's Behind The Bar, as are other recently released tracks, such as ‘Miles On Main’, ‘I Hope She's Drinkin’ Tonight’, ‘Get Back Home’ and ‘Wild Woman’.

In April, the man known affectionately by fans as ‘Duckman’ shared an introspective tribute to way he grew up and the appreciation he has for the simple life he so often champions through his music, entitled, ‘Raised Up Right’. Excitingly, Riley Green then confirmed he'd be releasing ‘Raised Up Right’ and ‘God Made a Good ‘Ol Boy’ on April 21, both of which are expected to feature on the new album.

Many suspect the Alabama native's cover of Travis Tritt's iconic song, ‘Where The Corn Don't Grow’, will also make the cut, along with the revamped version of ‘Different ‘Round Here’, which is set to include an A-list feature from Green's 2023 tourmate, Luke Combs. After teasing the blockbuster collaboration, Green confirmed that it'll be released on May 11.

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newsBREAKINGRiley Green Teases New Version of ‘Different Round Here’ with Luke Combs

The Alabama singer-songwriter hinted that the revamped track would be dropping in the coming weeks.

In addition to these official singles, over the past couple of years, Riley Green has teased a plethora of unreleased tracks, many of which have quickly blossomed into fan-favourites.

These include the recently shared ‘Til You Gave One’, the heartwarming ode to a new love, who brings a little Heaven into the life of a certified hell-raiser (“I wasn't worth a damn / Til you gave one”).

Another of Riley Green's previously teased unreleased songs is ‘I Like to Think That’, which retraces the immensely popular footsteps of ‘I Wish Grandpas Never Died’.

The singer-songwriter endearingly lists a range of things he believes in, such as the fact that “A Waylon song sounds better on a jukebox / A jukebox sounds better in a bar” and “All dogs go to Heaven”.

‘I'd Rather Be’ finds Green adopting a more light-hearted tone, and he's performed this uptempo track a number of times while out on tour. Fans will be wondering whether he might even play it while supporting Luke Combs on his 2023 world tour.

While the vast majority of us spend our holidays kicking back in the sun and taking it easy, it seems Riley Green struggles to ever truly turn off his songwriting brain.

At the start of 2022, the 2020 ACM New Artist of the Year shared two sun-soaked tracks that he'd penned while away in Cancun - ‘Good Mornin’ from Mexico’ and ‘Tailights’.

We imagine - and hope - both of these beachside bangers will feature on Green's new album.

‘Alcohall of Fame’ leans into Green's playful side. He posted a video of him and his much-missed moustache performing this dive-bar anthem from his hunting cabin in 2021.

It's a top-shelf drinking song in the mould of ‘Behind The Bar’, and it'll no doubt send the crowd into a frenzy when he plays it live.

Elsewhere in 2021, a noticeably moustache-less Green shared another unreleased demo, ‘Known Any Better’. Although ‘Known Any Better’ was written first, in a way, the heartbroken ballad feels like the tragic sequel to ‘Til You Gave One’, with Green questioning why he didn't let his ex-girlfriend save him from his self-destructive ways.

‘Keep Comin Around’, ‘They Don't Make Them Like That No More’ and ‘Mississippi Or Me’ are older tracks from Riley Green's expansive vault of unreleased music, but even so, fans are still clamouring for them to be made available to stream.

It remains to be seen whether Riley Green will include all of these teasers and snippets on the upcoming record. In addition, he'll no doubt have a selection of never-heard-before tracks up his sleeve too, which we're looking forward to hearing.

Either way, the sense of anticipation for Green's new album is building - and this will only become all the more intense when he releases his blockbuster Luke Combs collaboration in the coming weeks.

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