Post Malone and Morgan Wallen shooting music video for I Had Some Help

Post Malone and Morgan Wallen Drop the Song of the Summer with ‘I Had Some Help’

May 10, 2024 10:31 am GMT

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Despite the glimmers of sunshine starting to peak through the clouds, the temperature creeping up into the 20s and the temptation to leave the house without a coat building with each passing day, there's been something missing. We've been waiting with bated breath for one more sign, one more indicator that summer's on the horizon.

Now, that moment has arrived. After sharing a tantalising, teasing and at times downright cruel slew of snippets of ‘I Had Some Help’, Post Malone and Morgan Wallen have gifted us the full studio version of the infectious anthem along with the cinematic music video.

Given the fact that Morgan Wallen uploaded - and quickly deleted - the first clip of ‘I Had Some Help’ back in December 2023, the duo ran the risk of fans growing tired of waiting and hearing the same 20-second refrain on an endless loop on TikTok.

After Post Malone's ‘real mix’ of ‘I Had Some Help’ went truly viral in March, our For You Page was flooded with clips, remixes and videos of fans begging for Posty and Morgan to drop it.

It's a testament to the irresistible jubilance and earworm melody of ‘I Had Some Help’ that, despite hearing the hook on repeat for the best part of four months, we still can't get enough now that it's out in the world. ‘I Had Some Help’s brief running time, with the track lasting just 2:58 minutes, and simple, chorus-centric structure puts it in prime position to surge to the top of Spotify and Apple Music's viral charts.

The rise of the streaming era and today's soundbite-oriented media landscape have instigated a heightened veneration of star-studded collaborations. One of the first questions we want to artists is who their dream duet would be, and comments sections are overflowing with fans fantasising about their favourite artists linking up on a track.

Bearing in mind Morgan Wallen and Post Malone's status as two of the biggest artists in modern music - across all genres - this has been a bucket list collaboration for a whole host of fans. Sometimes, though, the promise of two blockbuster names joining forces sets the expectations too high, with the end result a disappointment. ‘I Had Some Help’, rest assured, is not one of those instances.

Morgan Wallen's Hip Hop-infused country sound fuses seamlessly with Post Malone's synth-laden, indie-pop tendencies, further confirming their positions as two premier genre-blenders. With the darker elements that colour Posty's earlier material and Morgan's penchant for sultry, trap-inspired sonics - as epitomised on the likes of ‘I Wrote The Book’ and ‘180 (Lifestyle)’ - this duet could've easily produced a brooding, inward-facing heartbreak track. Thankfully, Post Malone and Morgan Wallen instead decided to lean into a playful, bright ambience, with each lyric delivered with a wink and a tongue-in-cheek sentiment.

Rather than being overly drawn out as some feared, it seems the ‘I Had Some Help’ rollout has been expertly judged, with the sense of anticipation peaking over Stagecoach, before Posty and Morgan confirmed the song's release date the following week. If ‘I Had Some Help’ is a taste of what's to come from Post Malone's impending country album, it's safe to say we have good reason to be very excited.

With Morgan Wallen and Post Malone having performed the live debut of ‘I Had Some Help’ at Stagecoach Festival 2024 last month, it'll be fascinating to see whether either artist incorporates the addictive new single into their respective setlists.

Morgan Wallen is set to headline BST Hyde Park in London, UK on July 4th, and ticket-holders will undoubtedly be hoping the Sneedville hitmaker decides to perform ‘I Had Some Help’ as part of the eagerly awaited set. What better way to kick off the summer, after all, than with 2024's soon-to-be official Song of the Summer?

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Written by Maxim Mower
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