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Post Malone Shares New Snippet of Morgan Wallen Collaboration, ‘I Had Some Help’; When Will He Release It?

March 21, 2024 11:34 am GMT
Last Edited May 10, 2024 1:28 pm GMT

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UPDATE: Post Malone and Morgan Wallen have now released ‘I Had Some Help‘, with the long-awaited track dropping on Friday, May 10th 2024. Read Holler's take on it here.

Post Malone has teased his forthcoming Morgan Wallen collaboration, ‘I Had Some Help’, with the bearded crooner sharing a new clip of the unreleased track across his socials.

The playful, uptempo offering finds Posty and Morgan trading lyrics about who should take the responsibility fora recent break-up across a pop-infused, synth-driven hook.

In the accompanying video, Post Malone can be seen jubilantly singing along to the recording and taking a swig from his trusty Bud Light can, with the visuals feeling reminiscent of the snippet Posty shared last month of his new Luke Combs duet.

It's not the first time we've heard ‘I Had Some Help’, with Morgan Wallen uploading a snippet of an earlier version of the track to Instagram a few days before Christmas. However, shortly after, the ‘Last Night’ hitmaker deleted the post, leaving fans to wonder whether ‘I Had Some Help’ had been scrapped altogether.

Morgan Wallen referenced his now-deleted social media post in the comments of Post Malone's new teaser, joking, “I had some help getting to the point of posting it at 4 am 😂😂😂 this song is one of my favs in a long time. Proud to be on it w u bub!!”

Thankfully, it seems Post Malone is still planning to include the infectious track on his hotly anticipated new country album, which is also expected to feature the recently teased, ‘Missin’ You Like This’ and the Luke Combs-assisted ‘I Ain't Got A Guy For That’.

Post Malone continues to up the ante with the project's rollout, with the ‘Chemical’ singer-songwriter sharing photos from a studio session with Luke Combs earlier in the week.

It seems likely we'll be getting the lead single from the record in the next month or so, with many predicting Posty will coincide the release of the first track from his country album with his blockbuster Stagecoach 2024 appearance towards the end of April. There was some speculation online that ‘I Had Some Help’ would arrive on April 5th, but these fan-driven predictions were later proven to be incorrect.

For the full lyrics so far to ‘I Had Some Help’, see below:

“You thought I'd take the blame for us crawlin'

Go 'round like you ain't guilty or somethin'

Already lost the game that you've been runnin'

Well, it's catchin' up to you

You think that you're so innocent

After all the shit you did

I ain't an angel, you ain't Heaven-sent

Can't wash your hands of this

It takes two to break a heart in two, oh-oh

Baby, you blame me and, baby, I blame you

Aw, if that ain't the truth

Oh, I had some help

It ain't like I could make this kinda mess all by myself

Don't act like you ain't helped me pull that bottle off the shelf

Been deep in every weekend, if you couldn't tell

They say, ‘teamwork makes the dreamwork’

Hell, I had some help (Help!)




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Written by Maxim Mower
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