Post Malone and Morgan Wallen on the set of their music video for ‘I Had Some Help’

Post Malone and Morgan Wallen Share Official Music Video for ‘I Had Some Help’

May 10, 2024 1:59 pm GMT

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After teasing fans with snippets and demos over the past few months, Post Malone and Morgan Wallen are more than making up for it by not only releasing ‘I Had Some Help’ at long last, but accompanying the addictive earworm with a spectacular new music video.

The Chris Villa-directed visuals, which were seemingly filmed in Joshua Tree, California while the duo were in the state for Stagecoach Festival, open with Post Malone chatting to his partner in a phone booth. She's clearly accusing him of being intoxicated, to which Posty slurs, “Am I drunk? No, I think you're drunk!” As a nice touch, Post Malone's 2023 hit single, ‘Chemical’, plays in the background.

Once Post Malone returns to the bar, he cooly and casually slides his beer across the bar, before re-emerging at the other end to catch it. It doesn't take long before he spots the karaoke microphone, with Posty proceeding to host a raucous party that ultimately gets him thrown out. Thankfully, his pal Morgan Wallen is on hand to pick Post Malone up and ensure his night doesn't end prematurely.

Although ‘I Had Some Help’ is a heartbreak track at its core, the video captures the playful, light-hearted ambience of the viral song, with Posty and Morgan showcasing their endearing chemistry throughout the stellar, cinematic visuals.

One of the many amusing, tongue-in-cheek moments in the newly unveiled ‘I Had Some Help’ music video comes when Morgan is dusting off his good buddy and replacing his ‘Dallas’ cap, before a truck full of women pulls up beside them.

After their distressing experiences with the exes that serve as the muses for ‘I Had Some Help‘, you'd have thought they might want to steer clear of a relationship for the time being. Hilariously, though, they shrug and steal a The Office and Modern Family-style glance at the camera, and proceed to make their way over.

The truck, which is adorned by a proudly fluttering American flag, appears to have inspired the ‘I Had Some Help’ artwork. The single cover features the title and ‘Post Malone’ and ‘Morgan Wallen’ embossed onto what looks to be a piece of metal on a vehicle, presumably taken from the pivotal 4x4 in the blockbuster video.

‘I Had Some Help’, which was first teased back in December 2023 by Morgan, is the lead single from Post Malone's keenly anticipated debut country album, arriving later this year. The project is rumoured to be lined up for release later in 2024, with ‘I Had Some Help’ undoubtedly whetting fans’ appetites for more country from Posty.

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Written by Maxim Mower
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