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Parker McCollum Drops New Single, ‘Tails I Lose’, Ahead of New Album

April 14, 2023 9:14 am GMT

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Parker McCollum has surprised fans by releasing another new song from his upcoming album, Never Enough. His latest single is ‘Tails I Lose’, a captivating, drawn-in ballad that the Texan has been teasing across his socials in recent months.

‘Tails I Lose’ finds the ‘Pretty Heart’ hitmaker weighing up the odds of his relationship being revived, before resigning himself to the fact that his chances are looking pretty bleak (“Ain't no matter where it lands / Ain't a damn thing I can do / Heads you win, tails I lose”).

Nonetheless, McCollum chooses to hold onto the hope that they might be able to make up and salvage their love (“The odds are a million to one / So I still stand a chance”).

Although it sticks to Parker McCollum's heartbroken script, ‘Tails I Lose’ explores a more introspective, intricate sound compared to the more anthemic ‘Handle On You’ and ‘Speed’.

It feels like a tribute to McCollum's lone-star state upbringing, and the classic, traditional country sound that Texas has always championed through the likes of George Strait and George Jones.

‘Tails I Lose’ follows another of McCollum's 2023 singles, ‘Speed’, as he continues his album rollout. Never Enough, the follow-up record to 2021's Gold Chain Cowboy, will be released on May 12, and will also feature the recently Gold-certified ‘Handle On You’, along with previously teased tracks such as ‘Lessons From An Old Man’.

@hollercountry @parkermccollum has shared a snippet of a brand new track, entitled, ‘Lessons From An Old Man’. We’ll have to wait and see exactly which ‘Lessons From An Old Man’ McCollum learns in the song. But even so, the short teaser will certainly be enough to pique fans' interest and ramp up the anticipation ahead of the ‘Pretty Heart’ star's new album… 🤠 #fyp #newmusic #parkermccollum #country #musicoftiktok #musictok ♬ Getting Over You - Charlie Oriain

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