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Noah Kahan Sings “I Won't Ever Let Her Go” On New Unreleased Song

October 9, 2023 4:57 pm GMT
Last Edited December 19, 2023 3:20 pm GMT

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A mere matter of days after releasing his blockbuster Kacey Musgraves collaboration, ‘She Calls Me Back’, Noah Kahan has teased a brand new unreleased song.

The newly shared track, which appears to be called ‘I Won't Ever Let Her Go’, explores a more romantic, rose-tinted portrayal of love compared to ‘She Calls Me Back’.

Fans have immediately started clamouring for the track to be given an official release sooner rather than later, with some speculating as to whether it will feature another high-profile guest.

A number of the comments under Kahan's TikTok clip pinpointed the folk-inspired, atmospheric snippet as the perfect song for a contribution from Bon Iver or Hozier.

Noah Kahan surprised the crowd at his recent Nashville show with a special appearance from Hozier, with Kahan having emerged during Hozier's set earlier in the year, leading many to believe the two artists and friends have a duet up their sleeves.

Regardless of whether ‘I Won't Ever Let Her Go’ will be released as a solo cut or a collaboration, we're certainly hoping the sweet, endearing song is made available to stream in the coming weeks.

Kahan continues to revamp stand-outs from his widely acclaimed 2023 deluxe album, Stick Season (We'll All Be Here Forever), with ‘Call Your Mom’ and ‘Dial Drunk’ both having been given new sheens by the inclusions of Lizzy McAlpine and Post Malone respectively.

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Written by Maxim Mower
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